Domestic na Kanojo Manga Recommendation

The accidentally living together trope done a bit more right! and a bit of news about me ๐Ÿ˜€

Domestic na Kanojo by Sasuga Kei is a manga about a boy named Natsuo who is originally completely in love with a teacher named Hina in his school. Feeling pressured that she feels like he is too young for her, and not mature enough, he goes to a mixer with his friends and eventually has sex with a depressed but cute looking girl named Rui.

Then cue the trope where his father marries into Rui’s and Hina’s mother (making them sisters) and them rushing to live together. ย Kind of a classic trope but I love the premise of living with a girl who you slept with one day, being it a one time thing.


Too used to a all girl house.


Shower action, art style isn’t bad.


Fantasy resulting after a serious night


Don’t worry dude, you’ve already seen her once ;3


Dayumm, look at that grandma (jk)


Sensei Hina gets drunk, a lot


thank you based cockroach


The “HO” of the series. She’s been around a lot


She’s been around too much that, in a literal sense, you must not expand dong


Remember the Asa Made ova with the suppository?


The antic’s of already seeing her once

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Well the manga if far from finished with issues, so I plan to redial when it does, but if your looking for a quick dramatic filled monthly manga, keep up with this one. The characters are more realistic then your typical heroine tropes and have complex back stories, and are not really “gimme’s”, except one ho, but that’s a story for later. Until then, I look forward to coming back to this when it finishes.

Some side news about myself, I (EpicEPC) am going to get a new computer! just a run down laptop, but point being the one i use is shared at the moment, so in the next few weeks look forward to me becoming an official Eroge Reviewer, and because of this new host, we can kinda go all out on this. So here’s the skippy: I want to do a few different eroge’s and can’t decide, so leave one in the comments if you would like to give me a nudge, and you may see the results later ๐Ÿ˜€

But as for how I plan on the next few eroge’s, I plan on for sure having some special few done within the next few months,
That being
Katawa Shoujo – 5 different reviews and one for each heroine
The Fruit of Grisaia
School Days HQ
and Shuffle! (essence plus)