Edelweiss Visual Novel Review

Review of Edelwiss, a journey to a floating island, filled with girls, girls, girls. 

You know, lucky break tropes in Anime’s come by the dozen, and sure we find it enjoyable to watch, but it’s always, “Hey I wish I was in Yuuki Rito’s” position. That’s where the magic of Visual Novels comes in, is that you can be that lucky person a step further.

Cue Edelwiss, a saucy VN done by Overdrive released in 2008, where it takes you (Haruma Kazushi) and two odd friends to an island as an exchange student in a school with all girls. Written on the tin is the best idea in their lives, until the island starts to float moments after you step onto the island, and you and your friends are placed in the equivalent of a shack with no A/C. Other than that life seems well. You get your shot at 5 heroins: One loli, three high school girls, and a teacher.




Embarking on each quest reveals new shenanigans, and revisit’s some main events that you and your new found group become apart of, and the humor in the game is a step in the right direction, like being chased by a walking, talking sign, or sniffing pantsu from the worst possible person. (and no you can’t avoid it) Each quest has some delight and somewhat predictable ending, but the experience as a whole, is satisfying.


And most of all, the Art style in the game is nothing short of amazing, and I love every still out of Edelweiss, it’s like a masterpiece ready to be painted, and I would love to see this make an animated conversion eventually. Each shot brings out the Heroine’s personality quite well, and is well matched with the composition of the music when it is. Hence some of the outstanding shots below. (silently pushes wiz’s radar)

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Some scenes with the heroine’s, are just breath taking, and add some frames of animation, and you have a best selling harem ecchi comedy. For our Visual Novel few in the database that care about the specifics, my only problem with the game is the two spoof heroins that occasionally put into scenes the moments before and after scenes immediately sets off any mood what-so-ever, and one of the main compositions when you need to skip read text, starts over every scene, and the initial riff can be pain to the ears. This games definitely a 9/10, or how I say one “apple” short of a ten.