Fairy Tail OVA 03 DVD Fanservice Review



Bunny girls and cat girls.  With great bods to boot.  Not to mention their boobs and booty…

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Let’s do a fanservice review of another Fairy Tail OVA shall we?

With recent announcements, Fairy Tail is now up to nine total OVAs.  Not that long ago, it was just five OVAs in all.  Impressive…  And with the recent release of OVA 08 (which sadly still has not shown up online yet), now is a good time to review another Fairy Tail OVA!

Plot summary from AniDB:

Story 3: An accident with a mysterious book, Memory Days, opens a portal into the past, where Erza, Gray, Lucy, Natsu and Happy meet their younger selves, hopefully being careful not to cause a time paradox six years in the past…

Tags from AniDB:

comedy, ecchi, large breasts, manga, shounen


OVA 03

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-001-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-003-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-004-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-006-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-008-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-010-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-011-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-012-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-013-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-014-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-016-snap

Lucy in a bunny girl outfit is awesome.  Too bad the bunny girl artwork gets derpy in places.  Part of the reason why is the orginal artwork seems to be for DVD and not HD…

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-017-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-018-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-019-snap

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-020-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-021-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-022-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-023-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-024-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-025-snap
Lucy is such a kawaii bunny girl… 😍😍😍


fairy-tail-ova-03-img-027-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-028-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-029-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-030-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-031-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-032-stitch
And Erza makes a damn fine catgirl too… 😍😍😍


Don’t blink or you’ll miss a nice crotch shot from Lucy…

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-034-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-035-stitch


Mirajane was really scary when she was a loli…


fairy-tail-ova-03-img-038-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-039-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-040-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-041-stitch

This stitch below was tricky to make with everything that was happening in the background…


fairy-tail-ova-03-img-043-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-044-stitch

Artwork could have been better here.  Shame.  Should have been a nice ass shot…

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-045-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-046-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-047-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-048-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-049-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-050-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-051-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-052-snap

Erza in a catgirl outfit acting like a cat.  That’s nosebleed territory right there…  😍😍😍

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-058-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-059-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-060-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-061-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-062-stitch

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-063-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-064-stitch
fairy-tail-ova-03-img-065-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-066-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-067-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-068-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-069-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-070-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-071-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-072-stitch
fairy-tail-ova-03-img-073-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-074-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-075-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-076-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-077-snap

Nice stitch!  With both older and younger versions of Erza…  (It’s a time travel thing…)


fairy-tail-ova-03-img-080-snapfairy-tail-ova-03-img-081-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-082-stitch
fairy-tail-ova-03-img-083-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-084-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-085-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-086-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-087-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-088-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-089-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-090-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-091-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-092-snap

Unfortunately the artwork gets derpy again and stays that way for a while…

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-093-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-098-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-099-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-100-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-101-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-102-snap

Derpy here too but I was able to make some stitches so I kept more than I expected to…

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-104-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-106-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-107-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-108-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-110-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-111-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-113-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-114-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-115-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-116-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-118-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-119-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-120-snap

Who wouldn’t ride with Lucy in a bunny girl outfit looking like that???

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-121-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-122-stitch

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-123-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-124-snap

Nice!  Closeups of Erza’s boobs in a catgirl outfit.  Hard to take your eyes off of them…  XD

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-125-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-126-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-127-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-128-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-129-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-130-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-131-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-132-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-133-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-134-snap

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-135-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-136-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-137-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-138-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-139-stitch fairy-tail-ova-03-img-140-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-141-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-142-snap

Silly bishie, it’s a privilege to have Erza smash her boobs into your face.  Stop complaining…

fairy-tail-ova-03-img-143-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-144-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-145-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-146-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-147-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-148-snap fairy-tail-ova-03-img-149-snap


Once again, I’m focusing on HD for omake since the OVAs are DVD only.  Here’s a few more HD stitches and HD WebMs that I made from Fairy Tail TV Season 1.  For this review, I simply picked one HD stitch or HD webm for each the six episodes that I voted for in the poll.  Please do vote in the poll.



Fanservice picks up from OVA 02 to OVA 03.  But not by a huge amount.  Seems they went much more for comedy than for fanservice.  Still it was a marked improvement from OVA 02.  And a little fairy tells me that fanservice gets a whole lot better in future OVAs…

It’s really hard to beat closeups of Lucy in a bunny girl outfit and Erza in a catgirl outfit.  That alone makes Fairy Tail OVA 03 well worth watching.  Even if the artwork gets derpy in some medium and long distance shots…

So yeah, no nudity in Fairy Tail and probably never will be.  But still the fanservice on a great group of girls is better than the fanservice of a lot of recent anime TV shows.  If you are an ecchi fan and haven’t watched Fairy Tail yet and 175 + 102 episodes seems like way too much to watch, do check out the OVAs at least.  That’s where most of the fanservice is anyway.  The TV show does have some fanservice but it’s usually milder and really spread out.


The bad news is that I was not able to track down the HDTV fansubs for FT OVA 01 & 02.  But only the first two episodes were shown on HDTV it seems.  So OVAs 01, 02 and 03 are only 480p.  The good news is that in tracking down fansubs with the best HQ and best bitrate that I could get my hands on, I found a later version of a popular fansub that has 576p instead of 480p for OVAs 04, 05 & 06 (and now 07).

All of my DVD webms were included.  But for downloading, you can find my album here: 03.

For the two webms in the Omake section just click the two thumbnails below and save from there.



And now it’s time for a poll!  With 175 episodes for Fairy Tail TV Season 1 and 102 episodes for Fairy Tail TV Season 2 (for a total of 277 episodes!), it’s simply not possible to do fanservice reviews for all Fairy Tail TV episodes.  Not to mention, most TV episodes don’t have much fanservice.  Most of the fanservice is in the OVAs which is why we are covering the OVAs with fanservice reviews and fanservice compilations.  However, readers have requested that we cover Fairy Tail TV from time to time.

So what we thought we might do, is to cover a limited number of Fairy Tail TV episodes in a limited number of Readers’ Choice fanservice reviews.  The episodes covered will be the episodes that you, the readers, vote for.  Please do vote in the poll below and please do limit the number of episodes to six even if you can vote for more.  At this time, we are only  considering two or three fanservice reviews of two or three Fairy Tail episodes each from Season 1.

For now, we are limiting the episodes to be reviewed to Fairy Tail TV Season 1 only.  The BDs haven’t been released for all of Fairy Tail Season 2 yet…   Once all the BDs are out, we might have another poll for Season 2.

I should mention that I have already created most of the media for the entire episode for the following Fairy Tail TV Season 1 episodes: 001, 003, 006, 029, 037, 058, 087, 088, 089, 090, 097, 128, 138, 153 and 163.  It started out as a way to make some HD stitches and HD webms for some scenes that I really wanted to have and then grew into a way to create omake for the OVA reviews…

For a listing of Fairy Tail TV episodes and plot info, please check the Fairy Tail Wiki Episode List.

Without further ado, here’s the poll: Which episodes of Fairy Tail TV Season 1 would you like to see covered in a limited number of Readers’ Choice fanservice reviews? (Please select a maximum of 6 episodes).  Please do vote!  Now is your chance, especially for those readers who have been wanting to see some of Fairy Tail TV covered on fapservice!