Fate/Apocrypha Fanservice Review Episodes 5-8

Time for some loli jack!

Quite a few developments have been happening since my previous post on this series. Our “MC” starts his new life with his new heart. Not much has come out this yet, but he’s finding his way in life now. We also finally got some great action from, Jack the Ripper. I can’t say this enough, but making Jack the Ripper a loli is honestly amazing. On top of that Jack’s outfit, S teir. Overall a great fight between assassin and saber in episode 6. That same episode also featured Doc Ock, a cripple being ran over, and attempted fingering. Quite a lot of excitement for one episode. The remaining episodes were the preparations for the big war between the factions of black and red. This post ends off on a cliff hanger, although it’s best to witness this war for yourself if you’re into animated action. Anyhow, enjoy and look forward to more!


Episode 5:


Episode 6:

Time for Doc Oct 2.0.


Episode 7:

She may flat, but she ain’t afraid to show it.


Episode 8:

It should be noted that this episode and most likely the next one won’t get the quality it deserves until the blu-ray release. A T.V. rip and high quality action doesn’t mix well.


WebM’s: A few more can be found within the album.


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Verdict: not enough Astolfo! Well, he was being a bad girl (boy). Thankfully his punishment has ended for now. Look forward to more updates!