FREEZING seasons 1-2 fanservice compilation

All FREEZING fanservice from both seasons, this time sorted by character.


Torrent:  Nyaa

DDL:     [1080p]  part1, part2     [720p]  part1, part2


I’ll have a playlist version coming up sometime later this week which will feature all the nude scenes.

Because the playlist version is normally somewhat redundant with a character sorted video, this time I did things a little differently.  Instead of grouping all the non-nude stuff in a big section and all the nude scenes in a separate big section, this time I did a non-nude collection for a single character followed by the nude scenes for the same character, to keep all the character scenes grouped together.  So now if you want to see  a specific character’s tease shots before her showy shots, now it is a lot easier to do and won’t require you to jump around the video to scratch that itch.  If all you want is to see the  nude scenes back-to-back-back in character sorted order, you can do that using the playlist version that I’ll post on the blog in a few days.

I made a mashup of the OPs from both seasons using the music from the first to open.  The closing section included the untouched NCED from season two and the modified season one NCOP I made last October in the original FREEZING compilation video.

Kind of a big video again, though oddly its about 540 MB smaller than the first two videos combined would have been, I guess whatever glitch it was that blew up the file size of season two wasn’t quite as nasty this time around.

Many more videos to come.  Yuushibu, Walkure Romanze, and Unbreakable Machine Doll are all available and will be coming up as projects very soon.

On a side note, I’m also trying to do a remake of my Ladies versus Butlers video. If anyone has the Yousei Raws version stashed on their hard drive and could seed it via nyaa torrents, that would be great.  It is currently being seeded very slowly, and will probably take 3-4 weeks to download as things currently are.  And I pretty much have to use their version, other versions would practically mean having to start over from scratch.