Front Innocent, gonzo edit version

Ten years after Satoshi Urushihara wowed us with his masterful short ecchi film, Plastic Little, he and ARMS teamed up for an epic 2004 hentai with production values and art scarcely seen in hentai productions.  It would be named Front Innocent (Another Lady Innocent in the U.S.).


Torrent:  Nyaa
DDL:  part1, part2


This video is much like my previous fanservice compilations.  Boring stuff is cut out, the good stuff is arranged and if possible, enhanced.  Nothing I hate more than ill-timed look-aways or scenes that feel just a little too short.  Clips were then arranged in a fap-ergonomic manner, sorted by chapters so you can quickly jump between the boobs section, the uncensored section, and the fellatio section.

It would have been nice if this was available at blu-ray quality levels, but even at DVD quality…

‘Dat art.