Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 10

And now, the enemy is planning to attack!!

Hi everyone!! (^^)/ let’s continue with the Dai Shogun reviews!! This episode being unconscious after losing control of Susanoo. Chiharu was angry about it and she blames Kiriko.


Meanwhile, the Shinsengumi is planning on attacking the town.

While Kiriko heads out, she comes across Ryouma Sakamoto who takes her to his ship.

It’s such a coincidence that she meets the pirate Maika Yurihara who tries to steal Susanoo earlier on. XD She was having seasick as she wasn’t used to sailing. XD

However, Kiriko is still worried about how Keiichiro is doing.

In the middle of the night, one of the Shinsengumi trio sneaks into Keiichiro’s place to assassinate him. Fortunately, Hyougo is there to stop her.

Both of them battled until dawn. Hyougo eventually defeated the Shinsengumi but she didn’t kill her. She was later carried back to the ship. Meanwhile, the town was attacked by the Westerners. Kiriko managed to make it back in time.

Keiichiro was having some bad dreams in his coma. However, he was rescued by a goddess with multiple hands. The moment he wakes up, Kiriko is just right beside him.

It would be great if we can see the goddess body in a more detail way. XD

That’s it for the fanservice review for this episode. Stay tuned for the last 2 episode of fanservice review for this anime. Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v