Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 4

Look out for cross dressing girls !! They might have big boobs (^_^)

The episodes continues with someone trying to steal Susanoo.

In the meanwhile, Keiichiro is craving for boobs. To the extent of he starts harassing women on streets. XD

He was then confronted by a woman who cross dress as a guy. Both of them soon got into a fight. However, the fight was interrupted by Keiichiro’s granny. While Keiichiro runs away with his sworn brother, the cross dress woman fainted on the ground.

His granny took this woman back and took care of her. His granny requested this cross dress woman, Hyougo to work in the bath house to pay her back. XD

When Keiichiro came back, Kiriko and Chiharu is looking for him. Suddenly, a beautiful lady appeared. She’s the new worker here. (^^)/ At first, she didn’t get along with Keiichiro.

After working together with Keiichiro for some time, she finds him a nice person and it reminds her of her father. She later approaches him to apologize for her behavior.

Hyougo later explained that she cross dress as a guy to seek revenge for her father. She will continue travelling until she found the person who killed her father. She also ask them to keep it as a secret too.

A few days later, Hyougo decided to leave and suddenly, some pirates attempt to steal Susanoo. While trying to activate Susanoo, Hyougo found out that Keiichiro is related to the death of her father. Hence, some misunderstanding took place and the battle begins.

Just when the pirates wanted to finish them with her bionic arm missal, Susanoo was successfully activated. They wasn’t able to finish them and also stealing Susanoo, the misunderstanding was also solved. (^_^)

Lastly, we get to enjoy some fanservice in the bath house. Hyougo actually has some massive boobies!! Probably bigger than Kiriko!!

That’s it for this episode. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)v