Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun BD Fanservice Review Episode 8

Be careful of gambling!! You could risk losing your waifu!! XD

The episode begins with Hyakusuke starting a veoyurism business!! Ryouma Sakamoto is one of his customers.

Eventually, Hyakusuke was caught by Chiharu. Sakamoto fled with his friends.

Meanwhile, Keiichiro was carrying some groceries.

Sakamoto bumped into him and took the amulet to summon Susanoo away from him. Keiichiro left his groceries to Kiriko and went after him. XD (It seems different anime has different of Ryouma Sakamoto, I saw another one in Gintama!!)

After a long day search, Keiichiro finally found him!! But Kiriko found him too ~ XD

Sakaomoto and his friends are interested in Kiriko. They asked to play a match of hand game. If Keiichiro loses, Kiriko will strip. If they lose, they will return the amulet to summon Susanoo.

Fortunately, Keiichiro keeps losing and we all get some fanservice from Kiriko!! (^^)b

With Keiichiro nothing else to lose, Sakamoto fled after being pursued by someone else. The friends with Sakamoto also captures Kiriko and make their escape.

After that, Sakamoto sided with Keiichiro to get Kiriko back. He explained that he did this because he wanted to get his ship back from the people just now.

In their attempt to win Kiriko back, Keiichiro plays another hand game with them. This time, Keiichiro won!!

And now, Keiichiro plays another hand game with Sakamoto again to get the amulet back!!

After wining the amulet back, Sakamoto tells them that Japan is in danger with Shigeyoshi getting into power. He might needs their help in saving Japan.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading everyone, stay tuned for more fanservice in the following episode!! (^^)v