Gabriel Dropout Fanservice Review Episodes 1-3

Demonically angelic or heavily evil?

Gabriel Dropout, is first and foremost a comedy but, with a twist of angels and demons in a school setting. We’re blessed with 4 main heroines. On the side of angels we have Gabriel Tenma White and Raphiel Shiraha Ainswroth. Now for our greater evils I present, Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell and Vignette Tsukinose April. Anyhow, our comedic adventure begins with top of her class, Gabriel, graduating from angel school. After graduation angels are assigned to learn about humans. Gabriel, descends from the heavens and at first begins a pure and hardworking lifestyle. However, mortal desires will quickly break anyone. Gabriel, quickly loses her way and slides down the path of obsessive gaming.

So, what can we expect here service wise? Well, Gabriel Dropout, isn’t too heavy on service but, we’re blessed with a few gems here. If you’re a fan of pantsu you’ll be getting a bit of that. We’re given a few feet shots and thighs are always present. Honestly, some of the hottest imagery comes from the ED.  There’s a good bit of cleavage and navel service going on in there. As of episode 3 light beams have become of a part of the show. They are also cannon to the manga, so don’t expect those to go away in the blu-ray. Otherwise, unless you enjoy angelic girls being bad girls or demonic girls being pure and innocent there’s not much else to see.

A few lewd shots from the OP:


Episode 1 caps and stitches.

The moment she lost it all.


Episode 2 caps and stitches.


Episode 3 caps and stitches.

Yup, blaze it, Gab-chan!

She makes quite the seductive moan during this scene.


Excellent ED imagery:


WebM section. (Not all my WebMs are in this post. Click on the album if you’d like to collect/see them all)




















WebM album here.


Hopefully, more service in the future. Going forward expect a 3 episode post format for, Gabriel Dropout. If service isn’t as consistent there might be larger gaps for future postings. Anyhow, thanks to all those that have made it this far!