Girls Bravo Episode 13 DVD Fanservice Review

Fight is Bravo! Lets see how much fight Kirie puts up against Fukuyama’s best!

Every episode has an added recap in season 2, mostly because Girls Bravo is beginning to get down to Fanservice business faster. We start this episode with a proper shower scene this time! Risa’s butler: Kosame is shadow boxing while admiring a poster of Kirie.

Aide from the uncanny floor number, Kirie and company thought they were invited for Baseball. Which we get to learn that Kirie loves. However they instead get invited to watch, and Kirie blackmailed to participate in a yearly women’s fighting tournament.

Well it’s time for what I think is bar none the best scene of Kirie in Girls Bravo. Kirie fought her way up to Kosame in bracket. Kosame loves Kirie. . . let’s see how this mud ring ends!

Not telling you how Kosame was defeated, but if you haven’t seen this series yet: take your best guess. Which moves Kirie up to fighting Fukuyama’s Chief Maid: Lilica Stacey. Now Kirie has a real fight on her hands.

Stitches by ScissorMeTimbers!