Girls Bravo Episode 23 DVD Fanservice Review

Bravo to Seiren. Miharu is trapped in a bubble!

I Consider this episode a two-parter with the final episode, in that the ending of this episode is a cliffhanger, and the final episode begins immediately after the episode transition.

This episode begins with the group looking for Miharu in the house, as she has gone missing. They notice the gifts that Miharu has bought all of them from her part-time job with the banana man. Everyone is looking except for Yukinari. Yukinari see’s that the photo of the two is left cracked on the floor.

Their search is interrupted by one Kazuharu Fukuyama, and his assistant Lilicia. Their solution, or more specific ‘tool’ to finding Miharu is a satellite in space designed to spy on their house. Kirie is not to pleased to hear this, but this does explain why Fukuyama was always in the right place at the right time. We get a nice shop of Kirie upskirt though! 

Tomoka received a gift from Miharu, but she is not happy with it. So she wants to find Miharu in order to get her to return that doll for a limited edition one. Fukuyama employs an entire factory of all-female surveillance women to find Miharu. That is, after Fukuyama tells Yukinari to man up and do something. Even after a mini-pep talk from Kirie, Yukinari runs out. 

Hey its this big guy! While Yukinari runs into them, Yukinari stays on the ground. He gets some really solid advice from the big guy, who shows compassion. Unlike the smaller yakuza-like fellow. Yukinari now determined to do something about it, goes back to the house and readies himself up. 

What actually happens is that Fukuyama’s crew intercepts a bathtub signal dropped by Maharu and the Chief of the Agency. Maharu says there is no way on their side to get them to Seiren, however Koyomi has the power that enables them to travel there.
Koyomi is reluctant and hesitant at first, however after the group cheers them on, she manages to create the portal. The group jumps in, leaving Koyomi, Lilicia, Hayate, and Kosame to watch over the portal.

Some little details I love in this episode are the gifts Miharu gave Hayate and Kosame. She gave them a really fluffy bowtie and a very awkward looking striped tie. There’s also a fairly adorable Kosame moment when Kirie asks her to look after Koyomi. Well, onwards to Final Bravo!


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