Girls Bravo Episode 3

Cooking is Bravo! When this really should be titled: “Risa is Bravo”

We start off with our signature bath scene to a new girl. Her name is Risa Fukuyama, why does the name sound familiar? Because she is the pervert Fukuyama’s Sister. For the series I will be addressing Risa as Risa, and Kazuharu (the male) as “Fukuyama”. Risa is listening to Fortune Teller radio, and the radio tells her star sign is to look out for a bandage, a striped handkerchief, and a key-chain.

While Yukinari has a bad dream, he is awoken by Miharu at the promise of break-fast. Well what is left of it anyway. Miharu is known to eat bits and pieces until they are tiny pieces. While eating, Miharu gets ready for school. In the livingroom.

Kirie beats him up with no service scene, and all three of them go to school. Would you guess as an apology Yukinari is given a Handkerchief to wipe of his wound? Miharu at the same time gives him a key-chain. Well, time to run into best girl! Risa. (Just my opinion, don’t get mad at me Kirie Fans)

After finding her soul-mate, Risa is left alone in the street. The Group finds Risa to be a nut-job.

Well, Risa is also rich and has two butlers! Kosame pictured above, and a background butler named Hayate. Kosame turns out to have a fem-crush on Kirie. Next episode for great service guys! But for now, we get some pistol-to-boob action. Risa traps Yukinari and attempts to forcefully marry him, at which she subsequently tries to kiss him. Miharu explosion time!

Yet again, Yukinari gets wiped out of existance, and Risa is there to wake him up. She wants to feed him so he can recover. Yukinari is at gunshot, so he’s forced to eat from some very not-great looking food.


While the food ended up delicious! Her actions triggered his phobia, and near-dead frozen Fukuyama set Yukinari over the line. A wild Yukinari Fled…


Stitches! ==With thanks from ScissorMeTimbers

Kosame and Hayate

Kosame and Hayate


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