Girls Bravo Episode 4

There’s a lot of Kirie fans out there! This ones for you guys!

Girls Bravo is one of those shows that properly focuses on each of the Girls in each episode. I’d Consider this the first of many Kirie focused episodes. But first, The shower scene. Brief, and unfortunately the fog won’t disappear to give us a view of her signature bust.

With Miharu taken to the Fukuyama estate, Kirie and Yukinari knock on the front door to rescue Miharu. Kirie is let in, while Yukinari is left out at the door. Yukinari with determination, hops the bushes and attempts to rescue Miharu. Kirie gets escorted to Fukuyama’s Room. Lilica, Fukuyama’s head maid, uses the most innovative technology while on the way!

After running into a door, Kirie wakes up in a new set of clothes!

Well! Sorry for the sudden puke scene! Kirie’s lunch has given Fukuyama stomach poisoning. She is then convinced to nurse Fukuyama back to health.

Well it turns out Miharu is a Part-Time maid for Fukuyama. With ghosts running amok from Risa’s Influence, and a sequence of events so crazy you’d just have to see the episode for yourself. Kirie ends up cornered at gunpoint by Risa’s Maid: Kosame.

This is just one of those episodes that doesn’t have a trademark “Happy Ending” as everything is left in utter chaos at the Fukuyama Estate.


Stitches! -ScissorMeTimbers-
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these will come into play later!

Behind Door Number 2!

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