Gleipnir TV Episode 1 Fanservice Review

A Pleasant Surprise

As of twelve hours ago I had no plans to cover seasonal anime. Gleipnir episode one changed that by shamelessly cramming panty shots into every other scene and starring a freckled yandere waifu with a permanent resting bitch face. I’m in.

The “plot” is secondary to the service so far, which is a great thing, but the episode does begin a typical anime supernatural thriller narrative in which a character has a power that he doesn’t understand the origin of. Meets other people who have said power. Enemies turn into allies, so on and so forth.

OP Sequence

Episode 1

Shuuichi appears to live an average teenage life. Goes to school, doesn’t pay attention in school, gets smacked around for peeping at a girls panties at school. But sometimes he turns into a monster that looks like a NBA center wearing a fursuit. This leads to a fateful encounter with his future partner, Claire.

Shuuichi does what any able bodied boy would do if they came across a random girls comatose body in the middle of a grassfield – sniff them and remove their panties. But little does he know that she’s awake the entire time.

nice nipple bump. The manga does have nudity in case you were wondering. Whether or not the anime will stay true to that will be revealed in a week or two. Though the opening sequence showing blank tities seems to hint to censorship.

Shuuichi follows the girl who threatens to reveal his secret of turning into a furry back to her apartment and she nonchalantly strips her clothes off. best scene in the episode.

she makes some sexy noises so I enabled sound for the above gif.

I didn’t include it, but MC-kun actually covers his dick in embarrassment for his erection after this strip tease. That’s the type of virgin passivity we’re dealing with here, so any semblance of intimacy seems unlikely even though Claire is throwing her pussy in his face in every other scene.

a new challenger appears to interrupt Claire from dry humping timid MC-kun. Turns out she also has a monster form.

the importance of this coin and why it was necessary to hide it in her bra is unclear at this time.

the episode ends on a cliffhanger. but not really since we know they obviously won’t die in episode two. so perhaps this girl will reveal more information about what the monsters are and join the harem.

ED Sequence

I, for one, am glad that Gleipnir episode one was generous with eye catches and didn’t take itself too seriously to the detriment of ecchi moments. This is better than anything I could’ve hoped for going in, so hopefully it doesn’t go story mode too much and continues to be aggressive with the panty shots and strip teases.

I’ve read a bit of the manga since finishing the media for this post, and if the anime continues to be faithful to the source material then there will be plenty more where this came from. Lots of lewd material to work with, including nipples and bare ass shots. But it’s a crap shoot as to whether that’ll be censored, retained, or censored and later uncensored in a BD release. Hopefully the second option is the case here. The studio working on this anime is Pine Jam who has no track record of nudity to speak of. But they also have a small catalog of anime (Tawawa on Monday, Gamers, Just Because notables), none of which have nudity in their source material. Uncharted territory for them so we’ll just have to wait in see.

I’m in love with Claire’s design. Something about smug anime girls who don’t give a fuck about decorum that does it for me. She is almost always in her underwear or wearing skin tight swimsuits from here on forth, so there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. Perhaps the other girls introduced can add different personalities, traits, bust sizes to the mix and and make the show all-around enjoyable for ecchi fans of all preferences.

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