Gleipnir TV Episode 5 Fanservice Review

Super Claire 64 (ba-dum-tss)

The panty and furry duo begin their quest for magical coins this week. They battle a formidable hunter and we get a preview as to what other competitors look like.

The first two are briefly introduced in the opening scene.

Claire isn’t the only girl profusely sweating herself. Good to know.

We are not privy to the results of this match. The story jumps to our main characters who will soon find themselves in a battle.

Shuuichi continues to be a spineless bitch. No new developments on that front.

credit to writer Ares02 for the below stitch!

as is tradition

Claire is still eager to remove her clothing at a moments notice, no new developments on that front. I believe this is a new panty design – carnation colored with the usual scatter of beautiful flowers. Notice how Shuuichi grips his hands in visible discomfort and averts his gaze from Claire. I talk shit about this dude in every review. Sometimes I feel like I’m being too harsh, but then moments like this make it warranted.

Shuuichi does make himself useful when he senses a powerful presence. The duo then enters battle formation.

There’s a good amount of strategy in this fight. Only Claire communicates with him, so the enemy doesn’t know that there are two people inside of the fursuit. She at some point exists the suit and sneaks behind the enemy to do a pincer attack with Shuuichi. He is credited with coming up with this plan – good job kid.

I wish she’d have shot this comically large pistol and killed both ala Special Beam Cannon through Raditz and Goku. But the enemy is wise and resigns instead of prolonging a lost battle.

just as Claire is about to collect the coin of this Baki the Grappler looking dude, a Titan comes out of nowhere and threatens to kill them. He/She/It/They is turned into mincemeat in a matter of seconds, not shown here because no service.

The titan is presumably a human being turned into a a monster through the power of the coin. So them dying is….dark. This amuses Claire. A lot.

The buff dude agrees to join the pairing in hunting for coins. Hard to imagine them losing now, which means there are either other tag teams or an enemy so strong that he can beat two coin users at once without breaking a sweat.

Adorable. If only Shuuichi could say something romantic in this moment instead of staring off into the distance.

Less media for this episode than any other. Not that I mind – less is often better for weekly scheduled reviews, but maybe not for those looking to max out their quota for fanservice this week. Gleipnir continues to be interesting narratively, again introducing new wrinkles that build upon on the progress of the previous episode – always something to look forward to next week, and continues to bring the heat in terms of panty service from one glorious Claire Aoki. I believe this is the 5th unique design she’s worn thus far, and there’s no reason to think she’ll run out of options.

This new guy is…interesting from a story standpoint. Seems to be a down to earth, rational person who isn’t consumed by the power of the coin. Very fortunate that they ran into him first. But from a service perspective you hope he puts a shirt on. There were a number of shots I cut out just because he was in them overshadowing the brilliance of Claire. We only have room for one scantily clad character in this show. Maybe two if she has a friend or another girl emerges at some point that is also allergic to wearing things.

I’m trying not to read the manga so that the episodes are fresh for me, so hopefully the anticipation is worth it in the end and there are no lulls in the action. So far, so good.

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