Gokukoku no Brynhildr fanservice compilation

As far as I know, the source manga is totally non-nude so far.  Liberties were taken in the anime version, to say the least.


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Series Information


Production Company:  ARMS

Vintage:  Spring 2014


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Notable Seiyuu:


Risa Taneda as Neko Kuroha

Neko Kuroha

Risa Taneda is also well known for her roles as:

Xenovia DxDYukina HimeragiMirai-Kuriyama-(2)Saki-Watanabe

Azusa Tadokoro as Kotori Takatori


Azusa Tadokoro is also known for her roles as:


Aya Suzaki as Kana Tachibana


Aya Suzaki is also known for her roles as:



Also featuring:


Mamiko Noto as Mako Fujisaki

Sayuri Yahagi as Saori

Hiroki Touchi as Chisato Ichijiku


Thoughts on the anime


Gokukoku no Brynhildr  got me to care about the story, and it got me to care about the characters.  I haven’t read the manga translated, but I’ve seen enough from this anime to know the manga must have been pretty good.  Because the core aspects of Gokukoku no Brynhildr  are strong.

Unfortunately, ARMS has long been a lackluster anime company in terms of production and directing.  Lack of budget, corny dialogue that begs for brushing up, cheesy music made worse with awkward timing, an ill-advised rushed ending, the list of faults goes on and on.  Pretty much the only thing ARMS did right was choose a good source material (something they hadn’t done very much of in recent years).

There were some good things in the story, and it seemed like the kind of show that needed to lean on a strong atmosphere (the way Elfen Lied  did) to reach its high anime potential.  Had this same source material been handled by a skilled animation studio like P.A. Works and given the two cours it needed, it could have been the show of the season.

Not since Elfen Lied  has ARMS made anything you could consider a true anime classic, and considering that Brynhildr  comes from the very same mangaka, it really is kind of the perfect form of evidence to prove just how much ARMS has declined over the past decade.

Its unfortunate to see them waste such a rare opportunity like this.  Shows like Samurai Girls  and Sekatsuyo  never had a prayer of being great anime.  This one did.  At the series conclusion it felt like I had been robbed of a great storytelling experience.  What makes it worse is that we all know ARMS could really use a hit show right about now to help them break out of their low sales funk.

As an ecchi fan, I love ARMS.  And generally speaking I don’t even really care all that much if their anime sucks so long as they deliver where it counts.  Even in this case, it’s hard to be upset knowing that this has been one of the better fanservice anime in a down year for the ecchi genre.

They did a pretty nice job on the character designs, too.  A bit generic, sure, but polished.

And though this anime had issues, I can’t really say enough how much I appreciate the liberties ARMS took with nudity that very few other companies would have with a series like this.  Disturbing violence against women followed by happy naked boobs five minutes later?  There’s only so many anime companies that would be up to that kind of challenge.



Thoughts on the fanservice video


This is a fairly short video, and the ED didn’t really do anything for fanservice, so I left it out.  The OP wasn’t the biggest winner either, so I shortened it to being a very brief bumper intro.

The final product is probably the best compilation I’ve had the chance to make in a few months now.  Ecchi series as of late have really started to hold back on nudity so this was a refreshing change back to the ‘good old days’ when nudity was almost expected in every episode of a dedicated ecchi series.



Favorite Character



Kazumi. How can you not root for the assertive girl who knows what she wants and goes after it?  I don’t know how it is that anime can somehow make a girl seem both slutty and adorable at the same time.  Anything is possible in 2D.

Despite her German surname, she lacked anything resembling a German accent.  That’s not to say she didn’t stand out.  I’m hardly an expert on Japanese accents but her speaking style definitely had a peculiar type of accent to it.  This may have been done intentionally as a way of making Kazumi’s character stand out more from the crowd.

Kazumi was voiced by a relative newcomer seiyuu, Mao Ichimichi.  She’s also set to voice a character in ARMS next anime, Isuca , which begins airing next season.