Golden Boy OVA Episode 5 Fanservice Review

Very Educational

Hands down the most erotic episode of Golden Boy, as well as the most bizzare. Kintaro meets a brunette mechanophile who prefers the vibration of her motorcycle “Bimo” than the dick of any man. I’d guess 99% of viewers didn’t know sexual attraction to motorized vehicles was a thing until Reiko.

the viewers reaction exactly. gotta love kintaro’s facial expressions when he’s excited.

Kintaro always seems to be in the right place at the right time to enjoy these erotic displays. He chases after this pervert hoping she’ll grind his handlebar, as any man of culture would.

In her public life, Reiko is the elegant daughter of the richest man in tokyo. She has the appearance of a yamato nadeshiko to all those unaware of her private debauchery.

typically I’d turn on sound for gifs this lewd, but the engine noise drowns out any moans from Reiko. Unfortunate.

Kintaro, ever so willing to take on a challenge, agrees to race a professional motorist to a race. She has a motorcycle. He has a pedal bike. Sure seems like the odds are against him.

The entirety of this race is one of the best scenes in anime history. But because it’s  unrelated to fanservice I included no gifs of it. Worth looking up by your own initiative if you haven’t seen it.

Kintaro has now:

-Coded advanced software in under a week. An improvement over what a team of educated devs designed over several months. This after practicing on a paper keyboard and self teaching concepts learned through observation

-Survived a false rape accusation (perhaps the most impressive of all)

-Tied an olympic swimmer in a race after drowning in a waste deep pool weeks prior

-Knocked out a Yakuza member with one punch

-Beat a skilled motorist in a race using a pedal bike. Tight roping power lines, powersliding highway roads, jumping off a disconnected bridge and somehow making it across to the other side.

Kintaro does the improbable every episode. Masters activities through sheer hard work and application. Entirely unrealistic. But nonetheless admirable. Reiko is the latest girl to have her perspectives on men change after meeting Kintaro who defies all conventional wisdom.

The next and final review will be of episode 6.  I previously thought it didn’t have much fanservice, but then I rewatched the ep and saw more than enough to deserve its own post.

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