It’s so…GOOD: Seikon no Qwaser

Ahoy all! Following the overview of Manyuu Hikenchou’s OVAs I present to you now volume 3 of “It’s so…GOOD”. Today we’ll be covering the anime that rocked the ecchi world back in 2010 and broke ceilings and zippers everywhere,  Seikon no Qwaser…

In the far off year of 2010, a younger Weegee happened upon a show called Seikon no Qwaser. Although he knew nothing about the show, after watching its second episode he knew this show was something special, and he discovered a whole different sector of the anime community… ecchi. While researching information about Seikon, he learned that it was created by a relatively new animation studio called Hoods Entertainment, and that it was directed by a man named Hiraku Kaneko.

Little did he know, that a powder keg of perversion was about to be exploded in his face.

I’ll be completely frank, I don’t consider Seikon no Qwaser to be a better ecchi than Manyuu Hikenchou… However, I’m at least honest enough as a human being to be able to recognize my Extreme bias towards the series as it’s content specifically catered to my favorite fetishes with its amazing art, sound and bakunyuu focus.


As such I am able to acknowledge that Seikon is the “elder” which deserves to be respected. It had a MUCH wider fanbase and spectrum of fetish coverage which appealed to many more demographics. And being the first project in what would later be known as the Kaneko/Hoods holy trinity of oppai (Seikon no Qwaser, Manyuu Hikenchou, Kagaku na Katsura), it is responsible for raising and setting the bar in numerous aspects of perversion and is without a doubt the most successful franchise of the three.

Seikon blew minds back in 2010 by pushing the envelope of ecchi to such extremes at times that the line between ecchi and hentai might as well not have even existed. This is doubly true if a certain “borderline” scene included a favorite fetish.


I think Hiraku Kaneko used Manyuu Hikenchou, specifically the OVAs, as a playground to push, explore, and enjoy his own personal tastes. However, Seikon no Qwaser I believe was his opportunity to “make a statement” on the ecchi scene and drop as many jaws as he could showing everyone his wide range of perverted talents.


Much like Manyuu, Seikon was probably a once in a generation gem the likes of which we may never see again, going on 5 years the Seikon experience has yet to be replicated.



Story: More Relavent than Manyuu but still Who Cares/10


While Seikon’s story about different factions of element controlling masters fighting for…Uh, the story of two sisters caught in the middle of an ongoing battle for supremacy of… Uh, an iron-element manipulator seeking vengeance for the death of… you know what, fuck it.

Super-charged element-using mofos have to drink breast milk from maidens in order to power up, ecchiness ensues… Isn’t Japan fucking great.


Honesty is the best policy I always say, and while I was never bored while watching Seikon no Qwaser I didn’t give two bouncing titties about the story.

The main protagonist is a kid named Sasha who seeks revenge on the “Gold Qwaser” for killing someone important to him long ago, two girls named Mafuyu and Tomo get wrapped up in the mix and apparently there’s a whole underworld of culty shit going down with battles for ultimate powers……yadda yadda yadda, this is Ecchi people.

Story is good, but ecchi is better


The actual character of Sasha I don’t really care for, he’s cliche’ as hell, never made me laugh or feel for him in any way and was pretty annoying early on.

However, I enjoyed his relationship with Mafuyu and the way it developed as the series went along, but mostly I just like Mafuyu.

Best girl in series right here


While I’m sure many prefer Mafuyu’s incredibly busty sister Tomo, I found her ditzy personality grating on the nerves, especially since she basically amounts to a walking pair of tits.


Walking tits are nice, but there needs to be a feisty personality behind them, that is where True greatness lies.

The crux of this series’ ecchi moments is of course breast feeding, me personally… Breast expansion, Lactation, Bakunyuu in general and any Yuri involvement in those subjects are my all-time favorite fetishes, so if you share those feelings than this show is Definitely for you.


I recommend watching the other members of the oppai trinity as well since Kagaku and Manyuu followed in this series’ footsteps beautifully and share many of the same elements like animation quality and general tit worship.

Seikon may focus on breast feeding, but there truly is something in this package for everyone.

Multiple perverted themes are covered per episode, panty-shots abound etc. etc.

And there’s diverse enough of a character roster for everyone to have a favorite “waifu”, from tit-less lolis to busty nurses… Seikon covers All bases.

Animation: 10/10

MANY points about animation quality that I made in my Manyuu Hikenchou overview can be carried over to this show.

THIS show came first and as such was like a “trial run” in breast designing by Hoods Entertainment. Things like increasing nipple detail and improving breast fluidity all started with this show, and it’s interesting to see it improve as the series goes on.


A detail that I loved about Seikon was that each girl in the series has her own “set” of breasts. Yes, that might be a little bit of a confusing statement considering “No shit dude! Every girl has different tits!”, but allow me to explain…

In almost every other ecchi that came before and even After Seikon no Qwaser, every girl essentially has the same breasts. Yeah, they differ with a girls skin-tone and of course her busty size, but they’re pretty much the same “kind” of breast.

Here’s a perfect example of what I mean


Different color, same titties

In Seikon no Qwaser, pretty much every main girl has her own unique set of tatas… that kind of boob attention to detail is what makes this show epic, and proves how magical the Kaneko/Hoods team up really was.

Exclude of course mind-fucked Sasha


One thing I absolutely love about breasts in Seikon no Qwaser and by relation the other two shows in the trinity, is that mature and/or aroused characters have engorged nipples. Here’s what I mean.


Miyuri with huge tits, is still a teenager and hasn’t matured, therefore her nipples are flat


Nurse Oikawa, whose matured, has nipples that match her epic status


Whenever a girl gets sucked or aroused, a scene usually follows showing her nipples getting erect with delight. That is awesome shit…


Sound: 9/10

No complaints with the music, and Mafuyu’s voice is win. Plus, Seikon is the first anime (to my knowledge) to try and implement the use of realistic flop/smack sound effects for breast movement. They don’t have the same quality as the sounds from Manyuu, and definitely aren’t used as much, but it needs to be noted that This is the anime that began the trend… and honestly I wish more ecchi nowadays would use the technique or improve upon it.

While still breast focused over everything else Seikon no Qwaser provides something perverted for everyone. If I look at it objectively, considering its content and envelope-pushing cojones… Seikon is probably the greatest ecchi series of all time.

The groundwork it laid out for the other parts of the oppai trinity and advances it made in ecchi breast design cements it as a true classic and a must watch for any fan of the genre.


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, lets take a look at what I consider to be the top 3 episodes of this entire 24 episode series. Note, there’s a LOT of shit to cover in each episode so I can’t go into uber detail about each one and therefore won’t even come close to covering all the events and perverted activities that take place in this show. To experience it all… you gotta watch it all.

#3: Episode 13

A classic onsen episode, highlights include everyone getting in their birthday suits, including for the first time, the sexy school nurse. Is there a busty nurse in any anime who isn’t sexy?


#2: Episode 2

The first episode in which we see Tomo exposed in all her glory. The best part of the episode comes when Tomo gets kidnapped by an enemy qwaser. She gets a thorough sucking from a mad magnesium user, who proceeds to get drunk off of Tomo’s milk.


#1: Episodes 21 and 22

Cop out time ladies and gentlemen, my number 1 pick is actually two episodes. There’s just no way I could choose between them, each is so connected to the other and so wonderfully perverted that they have to be treated as one expierience. In my Manyuu OVAs overview when covering my number 1 pick I made mention to these episodes… in terms of sheer epicness and fulfillment they are by far the best and most erotic episodes in the series.


In episode 21, best girl Mafuyu gets a breast enlargement by absorbing milk from women all over the world. The scene is animated beautifully, and I never get tired of watching it.

I never thought I’d get to see an expansion scene done so well outside of a hentai, let alone have it happen to my Favorite character.

Do I hear angels singing? God her tits look wonderful


If that wasn’t hot enough, everyone’s favorite sadistic loli Katja immediately leans in to forcibly nurse on Mafuyu’s newly engorged tits attempting to get a power boost.


Anyone catch that nipple bite?

What follows blew my mind and continues to excite me nearly 5 years later. Kaneko, once again shows mastery of his art and has Katja audibly swallowing Mafuyu’s milk, all the while Mafuyu moaning like a champ in what is one of the most erotic scenes in anime.


The scene continues into the beginning of episode 22 with Katja still drinking away. Katja is then forcibly popped off of Mafuyu’s nipple which then proceeds to erect and force lactate directly into Katja’s mouth.



This fuck-mothering erotic scene ends with Mafuyu passing out, likely due to life-threatening milk loss, and the camera panning to Katja whose face is just covered in Mafuyu’s white stuff.


That scene, cemented Hiraku Kaneko’s status as a genius in my mind whose tastes are completely in line with my own. Weegee out.