Hajimete no Gal Fanservice Review Episode 7

Cosplay cafe time!

The whole gang tries to raise money for the upcoming beach episode by getting jobs. Junichi and the girls end up working together in a maid cosplay cafe. Of course, this sets up an opportunity for the girls to wear different outfits, and the show doesn’t disappoint with that. Service isn’t the strongest, but there is a notable amount. Out of the four girls, Yui shows off the most. Guess it’s for the lack of service she’s had in previous episodes.

Posters for events at the cafe (nurse day, bunny girl day, etc.).

Kudos to whoever can recognize the reference the show makes with the costumes.

Yame adds some “magic” to a customer’s meal.

Another customer “spills” water. He tries to show off what’s possibly his raging erection, which is censored by another disco ball.

Ranko ain’t having that.

Some covers of manga/light novels at the shop Junichi’s friends are working at.


Days pass by as the deadline for the trip approaches…

Insert Chris Hansen joke here.


Yui picks up a copy and reads a couple of lines. Much to her horror, the writing is very, very, lewd.

The novel on the left looks mighty familiar as well…

Nene also picks up a copy.

Yame’s having some fun listening to these lines.

Long story short, the manager wanted the girls to read from erotic light novels in order to further “appeal” to customers. Yui gets him busted by reporting this to the manager’s boss, and the event is canceled. Hooray?

The day finally comes. They leave us hanging but it’s reassuring to know that the next episode’s service will be dedicated to beach service.

End card! Art seems familiar? Go figure.


Album here.

Not too shabby, although I was hoping the service would pick up a little at times. The girls reading the light novels was an entertaining segment and the homage it pays is pretty neat (in case you’re wondering, the director¬†of Hajimete also did HxH and Okusama). I would recommend watching the whole scene if you want more. Definitely looking forward to the next episode though, hopefully, by then the service will do some justice.