Hajimete no Gal Fanservice Review Episode 9

Fanservice-wise, one of the weaker episodes for sure.

This episode leaves off from the beach blast from last week. I think we all knew the crap was going to hit the fan when that new character appeared at the end.

Gainaxing is the biggest highlight of this episode, I guess they just wanted to focus on story this time.

Yame gets upset, conflict and drama ensue, yadda yadda yadda.

Good to see Yui’s still active online.

Clearly, something’s up.

Yui reaches out to have a word with Junichi.

In short, she gets upset too.

Nene’s not too happy either.

Now Ranko’s upset because Yame is. Good to see that Ranko is doing a better job than Junichi.

Looks like they forgot to color her fingers white.

End card!


Link to album here.

Well, seeing how the show itself is coming down to the end, it’s no surprise they decide to suddenly add a climax. While that can excuse the lack of service, it doesn’t make up for the rushed art and low budget. It was pretty obvious that Hajimete wasn’t going to be somewhere around To-Love Ru quality but the obvious decline is kind of a letdown. For now, we can pray that some shots get polished on BDs…speaking of which, I’m sort of losing hope for nudity. The nip slip might seem like a breakthrough but keep in mind it’s the only possible shot that could hold nudity. All the other episodes seem to be completely non-nude and finalized. We’ll see what Hajimete offers in the future though…