High School DxD BorN 04 fanservice compilation (TV)

This episode is entirely dedicated to a showdown battle with the good guys vs. Loki and his summoned monsters.  Decent episode overall, but not much for service.

DDL  720p

No nudity in this episode, other than the eyecatch and a nice peek at Akeno in the shower in the next episode trailer.  There were a few minor panty flashes, and some sexy poses from Rossweisse, and that was basically it.

Every season of DxD has had at least a few episodes that attempt drama, and really it’s never been a big strength for this anime.  This was one of those episodes.

On the plus side, it was nice seeing some hinted at romances that do not involve Issei.  It’s always nice when a harem anime remembers that the main character is not literally the only man on Earth.  Looks like there’s a bit of a Kiba x Tsubaki thing going on, which is a bit surprising since Kiba has seemed disinterested in girls to this point in the anime.  Both these characters hardly get much screen time, but they’d make a cute couple.

There’s also Souna x Saji but that’s not really surprising given that they are the rival pair for Issei and Rias.

It was also nice to see Koneko unleash her catgirl powers for the first time.  “Powering up” seems to be a theme for many of the characters this season.

Between Yuushibu , Dragonar Testament  and DxD , I’ve been very impressed with how well light novels have translated into ecchi the past couple years.  Usually I watch ecchi anime on fast forward just to see the good parts, but with these four shows I actually looked forward to the anime side of things every week.

There’s a smoothness to DxD that is nice.  The pacing always feels just about right.  Even in an episode like this that kind of takes the anime away from its strengths, it’s still an enjoyable watch.