High School of the Dead manga fanservice compilation


For a manga written by a guy (Shoji Sato) who’s day job is writing awesome hentai / doujinshi under the alias INAZUMA, High School of the Dead was shockingly lacking in nipple sightings and loaded with tease.

In fact, Satou doesn’t just do hentai, he even heads up his own hentai writers group by the name Digital Accel Works.  Dude’s got a lot on his plate, and perhaps because of that, High School of the Dead hit a screeching halt last year.

Early this year it was revealed that the manga would eventually return, with the phrasing of the announcement causing many to interpret that when it did it would do so as a “reboot.”

But for a series that put the author on the map and gave him mainstream success, why fix what isn’t broken?  My theory is that he’s seen the success of new wave ecchi and wants to make use of his talent for nude artistry, but perhaps I am just being a blind optimist.



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