History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episodes 1-5 Fanservice Review

All legends start somewhere

Would you endure torturous training from brolic martial artists to befriend a cute girl? If your answer is yes, you may be Kenichi. His journey proves that anyone can become a mighty warrior with the proper motivation – like a perky blonde wearing a tight leotard at all times.

This is a decade old series now, but I’m watching it for the first time. I’ll post reviews as I go through it. maybe you’ll enjoy it for nostalgia purposes or you’re a new watcher like me.

Enter Kenichi. He can be found in basically any shounen ever – nice guy, weak at the beginning, fairly meek, life changes forever after a sudden new encounter.  

This is Miu.

Miu is best girl.

You can think otherwise, but you would be wrong. Kenichi simps over Miu for the entirety of the series for good reason.

As you can see, Miu is no damsel in distress. If anything, that would describe Kenichi who often needs her help. This is one of the strongest characters in the series.

This is Shigure.

Shigure is best girl.

You can think otherwise, but you would be wrong. I know I just said that about Miu. But I mean it this time. Her mysterious, silent demeanor and (most importantly) her measurements appearing even larger than Miu’s gives her the edge. Of course no one expects Kenichi to actually agree.

Shigure is a weapon master, in case that wasn’t clear already. Her out of control eyebrows and cat like eyes add to her exotic sex appeal imo.

Kenichi undergoes both physical and mental training from his masters on a day to day basis.  Something great about this series is how he methodically figures out the  applications of his learned techniques by applying them in live combat.  There are no sudden quick power ups (so far at least) and his progression feels authentic.  Eventually, you’d expect him to be able to put all of those teachings together and become a monster. But for now, he’s just a novice trying to become strong enough to protect others from harm.

Of course, it’s easier to learn when you have this by your side giving encouragement.

Kenichi’s parents will occasionally make appearances to comment on the injuries to their son. This is fun for several reasons – the dad is an exaggerated clone of Golgo, the mom is a S-tier MILF, and it’s hilarious to hear rational outside perspectives of a teenage boy coming home late with bandages every day. Often times, adventure stories will get rid of the parents entirely just so those questions don’t have to be asked at all.

Elsewhere, Miu is making bitches jealous in gymnastic exhibitions.

This stitch alone made me reconsider Shigure as best girl. But I remain steadfast in that declaration. Barely.

One of several girls that grow to like Kenichi. Of all his admirers, she has the most in common with him (a passion for gardening).

There’s a good deal of context that will be missing from these reviews, like the battles that Kenichi fights and the application of his various skills. You don’t even see half his training masters in this batch. But that’s because the focus is on fanservice and Miu, Shigure are the imperatives for now. Highly recommended you watch or read the series for yourself if not already, as this is a pretty entertaining battle shounen with fun characters and a rare emphasis on hand to hand combat rather than ultimate attacks and beam spam.

As for the fanservice, there won’t be any uncensored nudity in the TV series. Does that depress you? I don’t really care, but I know a lot of readers seem to. I  do hear that the OVAs do have nudity and the fanservice becomes progressively more bold as the series progresses. We’ll get there soon enough.

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