Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny fanservice compilation

Released in 2007, Dragon Destiny was- as far as I’m aware- the first anime to have nude fanservice specials on DVD.  Usually whenever you see any “first” in anime, it’s not all that impressive, but in this case we are treated to fanservice specials that are as good or better than most fanservice specials even in recent seasons.


DDL:  part1, part2


After being dormant for a few years, the Ikkitousen brand was picked up by ARMS for this second season, which as mentioned before has animated for nipples in roughly 75% of projects they’ve been primarily responsible for.  For fans of nudity in ecchi, ARMS seems to always come through for us.

Similar to my other Ikkitousen videos, this was made during the summer and isn’t quite as “sophisticated” as my most recent offerings, and is a bit light on non-nude fanservice.  But every nipple sighting is in there, and you get to see the specials after they’ve been edited down to cut out the lulls and non-nude portions, purifying them into a more condensed version.