Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor fanservice compilation

This was the 4th season of Ikkitousen, the first and only so far to be animated by TNK.


DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2


This is the most recent, and perhaps final season of the Ikkitousen anime, airing back in 2010.  A one-shot OVA (included in my all-in-one video) was released a year later.  ARMS provided some assistance but officially this 4th season was animated by TNK (High School DXD, School Days).

One of the problems with the anime business is fanbase turnover.  Let’s face it, most anime fans are very young and getting younger.  While the fanbase is growing it’s also not lasting quite as long as it used to as fans eventually move on with their lives, and that makes things tough for long running series who have to depend on a loyal, enduring fanbase.  For that reason, I’m pretty skeptical that we’ll ever see a 5th season of Ikkitousen, though I would love to be wrong.

Anyway, this was a pretty forgettable season and the fanservice wasn’t quite on par with Dragon Destiny, though I did love the animation job by TNK.  I very much appreciate ARMS for their never ending dedication to nude ecchi, but their art style has been doggedly generic and average in just about everything they’ve ever done.  TNK was a nice upgrade visually.

After years of getting by with a mostly no-name cast, the 4th season finally injected a little bit of star power by adding Aya Endo (as Bachou Mouki), Ayumi Fujimura (as Shifu Choushou), and Yui Horie (!) (as Sonken Chuubou).