ImoCho teases us with possibilities in episode eleven


So it’s here, the 11th episode that sends all the characters to a clothing optional co-ed hot spring.

The first thing that really jumps out watching this episode is the total lack of upper body steam censorship.  There aren’t any nipples obviously, but if they are going to have nipples on blu-ray it won’t be from simple decensorship.  It will require redraws.

Will this show go there?  Honestly, I kind of doubt it, given the lack of redraw “hints” in previous episodes.  There are however plenty of blank boobs to which nipples could be added with relative ease, similar to the way Walkure Romanze or OniAi added nudity.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the episode’s most promising moments:

imocho_11_23 imocho_11_22

Some screen cropping here.  Opportunity knocks.

imocho_11_21 imocho_11_20 imocho_11_19 imocho_11_18 imocho_11_17 imocho_11_16 imocho_11_15 imocho_11_14 imocho_11_13

Blank boobs.  Even with the defensive posturing, some Walkure Romanze type nipple adds could be a possibility here.  It is also possible the arm positioning could be re-drawn too.  Maybe the towel gets nixed.  With a show this lacking in detail and movement so minimal, it probably wouldn’t cost a lot of money to redraw this.  Not expecting it, but it’s plausible.

imocho_11_12 imocho_11_11 imocho_11_10

More retarded lock and key “censorship,” with a nice cleavage shot quickly occurring in-between.

imocho_11_08 imocho_11_07 imocho_11_06 imocho_11_05

More blank boob opportunities.


Le sigh.

imocho_11_03 imocho_11_02 imocho_11_01

More Walkure Romanze type opportunity here.

This episode was all about service.  No attempt was made whatsoever to make it feel like it was about anything else.

I very much have my doubts that this series will have nipples on blu-ray.  But given the way the show starts, if we do get nipples, we’ll know by the first volume.  And if we do, this 11th episode could become a lot more interesting.