Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 10 & 11:

Once upon a time, there was an interesting imouto fantasy!! (^_^)

Hi everyone, let’s proceed with the highlights of fanservice:

Episode 10:

Chihiro got a part-time job at Ashley Dono’s working place. She was nervous as it was her first time there. The interior of the office is very neat and tidy but the backroom was pretty much like a garbage room. XD

After some hard work of cleaning and some insects warfare, the backroom was finally clean again. (^^) Ashley was very pleased with the work and she offered Chihiro to take a bath at her place.

Chihiro gladly accepts it. But when she’s taking off her clothes, Ashley comes in and finds out she’s actually a girl. XD

So they took a bath together. Chihiro begs Ashley not to tell Itsuki about this.

Ashley promised not the tell Itsuki about it as she doesn’t bully girls with small boobs like her. XD

Meanwhile, Itsuki went to the zoo together with Nayuta for research purposes. (Since it’s too boring to stay at home)

This panda really has a big package down there. They were envious about the panda having a pretty good life in the zoo as all it does is sitting around eating while being naked and still received some VIP treatment. XD

Nayuta said she would come to the zoo everyday if Itsuki was naked in one if the cages there too. XD Soon, they went to see other animals.

After visiting the zoo, Nayuta was talking about the animals there with their balls dangling around and also the photos she took while at the zoo.

Episode 11:

The fanservice starts with Miyako visiting Nayuta to check out on her working progress!! (^^)

To motivate Nayuta to continue with her work, Miyako allows Nayuta to lie down on her laps while writing. XD

As a result, Nayuta managed to finish her novel manuscript in not time. This type of motivation really works on her. But will it be effective on guys too?

Later on, Itsuki and his friends gathered to celebrate the upcoming novel from Itsuki and Nayuta.

After the meal, they decided to play a game called ‘Once upon a time’ !! The game tells a story about two siblings who went on an adventure. It’s time for imouto fantasy again!! This time, Ituski and Chihiro are brothers and sisters where Nayuta plays a naked witch. (^w^)

She turns Chihiro into a wolf so that she can marries Itsuki.

Itsuki eventually marries the naked witch. The witch was happy with it and she transform Chihiro back to herself. However, when Chihiro is back, Itsuki feelings is changed.

Feeling betrayed, the naked witch placed a curse on them. Which is to have Chihiro to be naked forever and Itsuki having a 1 meter long penis. XD They soon embarks on an adventure to find the naked witch and remove the spell.

A giant monster appeared on theirĀ  journey. They monster looks like Ituski’s editor. XD

They ran into a cave to escape the monster and found a sword in a stone.

Ituski thought he can use it to dedeat the giant monster, but he wasn’t able to wield it swiftly due to his giant penis. Eventually, he uses his giant penis to fight the giant monster instead. XD

After defeating the monster, they continue with their journey again. Along their journey, they encounter many other enemies and defeat them one by one using his mighty penis!!

Eventually, he even managed to save a kingdom and become king himself in the end.

In the end, Itsuki marries Chihiro and also the naked witch, Nayuta. They all lived happily ever after~~! (^^)/

That’s it everyone, thanks for reading!! Hope you guys are enjoying this interesting imouto fantasy too~ I doubt that Marvel or DC would came out with a superhero like this (>.<) He would have been banned before he can start saving the world. Stay tuned for the last fansevice review of imouto sae!! (^^)v