Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 2


Bathing with an elf.


This week we get more of season 2’s characters being added as well as a lengthy scene with Shera for service this week. Of course hair is used to prevent us from seeing anything though. The ED also plays for the first time this episode giving some stuff there as well.


After traveling for 2 weeks they reach zircon tower city so they can drop Lumachina off.

Pekora must had been livestreaming when she got summoned into the game as well like Diablo. Imagine the reaction if next episode’s orgy scene replaced all the animal girls in it with various vtuber clones like here.

Diablo and the others start to look around town when they get approached by someone telling them about a new dungeon that was just discovered and that they are a thief named Horn they can hire to help get through it. Diablo starts to question if the dungeon if the dungeon is his as he asks if it is 13 floors only to be told no one has gotten further than the 3rd floor because of the slime challenge there. It is then that he realizes the dungeon discovered is the one he created and mentioned in the previous episode.

Also there is no way around it but going to have to spoil something here but it’s not something that is too important and most probably already have figured it out but since the show isn’t making it obvious outright they are still going along with it being a secret I guess. But Horn if you couldn’t already tell is really a girl. Diablo learning this is when her nude scene occurs in the manga. This “spoiler” as it were is probably going to be reflected in the ED later on which I suspect will change mid show but will bring that up when we get to it.

Diablo hears someone fighting and sees that Lumachina has already got into a fight over a paladin refusing to heal a sick baby and demanding large amounts of money to be allowed to see a priest for healing. Horn tells them that this is how things are in the town with the group of paladins in the town treating everyone that way. Diablo starts to worry that if the paladins here that work for Batutta are like this then they have to worry he might be the same way as well. When the paladin tries to hit Lumachina for interfering, Diablo stops him by hitting him away.

Diablo asks what is wrong with the baby and sees it has a disease that was in the game where the infected person has 9 markings appear on them and once it reaches 9 they die and the only way to cure it is by a priest. Lumachina decides she will try to cure it instead and after praying she is able to cure it and the baby returns to normal.

Afterwards the ground starts shaking as a warning is announced that a sand whale is headed for the town after chasing a ship. Diablo goes to fight it and hits it with a spell that stops it from moving after it activates. As he thinks what to do next someone attacks it with a long range martial arts attack and then someone else shoots it from another location as he tries to figure out who it is. The sand whale then dies from the combination of all their attacks.

They then get approached by the person that did the first attack and they learn it was Battau whom they came to the town to find in the first place. When he asks if Diablo was the one that used the spell the paladin from earlier tells him that Diablo is a demon that was causing issues before. As Lumachina yells at Batutta for what happened earlier with the paladins the previous one tries to get the others to attack them only to be hit by Batutta who stops them after he realizes who she is. He apologizes to Lumachina for earlier telling her that he just recognized her as the head priest after looking at her since he once met her when she was a child. Diablo and the others then realize they can trust him for now.

They get interrupted by someone who Diablo recognizes as the one that helped earlier by shooting the sand whale. As she mocks the paladins, Batutta yells at her because of who Lumachina is and to not make fun of her. The women tells everyone she is the lord of the city Fanis and that the paladins are bad as they demand high amounts of money to cure people. Batutta says they have no choice since she shut down their church and started to put high taxes on them so they had no option but to start charging their followers. Fanis says if they really have God on their side they shouldn’t need money and he could give them everything they need as Lumachina says that wouldn’t happen since they are just followers and not God himself.

Fanis decides to test Lumachina’s belief by shooting her since if she is really protected by God then he should save her. As she gets ready to shoot her she is stopped by Batutta who fights back. She says this is proof God isn’t real otherwise he wouldn’t had needed to act in order to save Lumachina and God would had did it instead. She says it doesn’t matter as the real reason she had came there was to find the person that cast that spell on the whale earlier. Batutta tells her the person that did already left as Diablo asks what she wants from the person. She says she wants to ask them to join her and if not she will fight them herself as she leaves saying she is sure she will run into them eventually as Diablo realizes that she probably knows it was him.

Batutta invites them back to his place to eat and so they can talk. As they are headed there they see long lines at tents which he says is what they have to use now that they no longer have a church. When they see that there are two different lines he says they had to do that due to how short they are on priests so they needed to start giving higher priority to those who donate to the church the most and as a result the rich get faster and shorter lines.

While at dinner Diablo notices that Lumachina’s hand is injured as she says it must had got hit during the fight earlier and that for some reason her healing prayers don’t work on herself only others. She then tells Batutta that she needs to talk to him later after they are done eating.

Afterwards Diablo is taking a bath and Shera knocks at the door as he remembers she doesn’t like to be left alone and get lonely. She then asks if she can come in and when he lets her inside she decides to take a bath with him. She starts to wash him as they make it look like she is jerking him off but is really just touching his horn on his head.

Batutta along with his maid arrives at the room so he can talk to Lumachina like she asked as it ends and we get the ED for the first time this week.

Horn is shown in the ED along with the others in chibi form and yet she doesn’t have one of these semi transparent clothes scenes. The first season had it’s ED change slightly as the story went on so I’m going to guess the same thing will happen here with maybe Horn being added in after her really being a girl is revealed later.

And the end card for the episode and with that the episode ends.



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This episode’s main service was Shera’s scene though sadly it’s unlikely anything will be changed here on BD as they made sure her hair covered everything. They did put some decent effort into the scene though with it being fully animated. The ED with everyone being in transparent nightgowns would normally in the case of other ecchi shows hopefully mean it would be full see through on BD but in this case not going to expect anything. Only change I’m expecting from the ED is adding Horn to the end part later on as well as giving Rose a scene when she gets added in.

Next week is going to be a major one in terms of service content though and what we might get. The preview shows that we are at the orgy scene for next week and we do see one image of it in the preview. Can’t really judge it too well as it is just silhouettes at a distance with no movement but hopefully that is just because that is supposed to be the first instance of Rem and Lumachina waking up and seeing it as it then shows it in more details after. The manga version of that scene shows a decent amount of couples fucking so hopefully we get that here and they don’t try to skip past it as fast as possible. We could also potentially get some buy the BD type censorship during this as well since this is going to be on another level than what the show normally gives.

Ideally this would probably be the best case since sure it would be annoying having to wait till June to see it but at least in that case it wouldn’t be cut or toned down. My fear is that they might just make it all shadows and silhouettes with static images but hope that’s not the case. If that does happen then hopefully that would just be an instance of it being changed and uncensored on BD and not a case of them pussying out. Since the next episode is titled immoral ritual they at least are acknowledging that as being a major part of it so hopefully they don’t mess it up. Overall so far didn’t notice any quality dips so far and the Shera scene did put effort into animating it decently as well as animating the various breast bounces throughout the episode. So they are at least putting decent care into the service parts so far which is good. Next week will be the real test though on just how far they are willing to go based on what we will be getting in the next episode.

Times like this really make me wish this was on atx. I can’t imagine the scene next week not being censored like crazy for BD unless they straight out ruin it. I’m fully expecting static images and hopefully this is just a tv censoring thing and not what they plan on doing overall for it. I will be greatly annoyed if this is fucked up since I for some reason like seeing random npcs fucking in stuff and wish more shows or at least hentai did it. Going to be really odd as well if they are willing to show sex but not nudity or maybe they will allow this to be one of the instances of nudity who knows. But next week is going to be interesting or having me rage.