Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 3


There is nothing wrong with orgies.


This week we reach what should had been the most extreme service the show has given us thus far but instead we get almost nothing. The only other place of service this week is near the very start but the ritual is where the most of it is but it ends up not being anywhere near what it should had been. Not only that a service scene that would had been really nice was removed as well. In short a bunch of issues with this episode.


Lumachina is talking with Batutta and asks him about the paladins and their behavior she witnessed as he tells her he will take actions to ensure they start behaving properly. She then asks him about the sickness that is hitting the city and how when she cured the baby the voice of God told her that it was really a curse that someone had put on the town instead and asks him if he knows anything about that. When he realizes that she is close to the truth he admits to having involvement as both she and Rem pass out from the drugs he had filling the room.

Diablo and Shera are still in the bath from the previous episode as Diablo senses someone is in the room and they find Horn is there. She tells them that something happened and shows them that Lumachina and Rem were both taken away from the room. Diablo brings up the disease and how it is really a curse and not an illness implying he suspected Battutta the whole time. He then thinks to himself how this whole sickness was a limited time event in the game and that is how he knows about what it really is.

When Rem and Lumachina wake up they see they are tied up as they see a large group of people fucking. As they wonder what is going on Batutta and his maid show up as he explains that all of these people were high ranking members of society and fell to sin and because of that it allows for the special potion he has to be created which is created from the essence of evil and he uses to cause the sickness that is afflicting people in town. He points out that the stronger a person’s ability to use holy powers is the more of the essence is created when they fall to sin. As a result if he makes the head priest of the church fall a large amount will be created which he plans to use on Fanis first to stop her.

This entire scene was really disappointing in what we got. It was obviously going to be censored for airing and would require hope for changes on BD but currently there is nothing to indicate if there will be or not. But the main point is even if they do make changes there isn’t really a whole lot here to be excited for as the scene itself was fairly tame even when factoring in potential broadcast censorship. For starters everything is a static image and though this could just be a means of censoring the problem is the scenes go by so fast it feels less likely they will change that. The scene itself being dark is potentially censoring as well but even if removed it doesn’t feel like it would add much either. Not only that all of these scenes lacked any variety. Seriously why is every couple fucking from behind. It wasn’t like that in the manga and had a mixture of various positions. It feels like they did this simply so they could avoid any chance of showing nudity. But to give you an idea here is what the manga gave of the scene…


The anime is really short with static images and you can’t see anything. Even when Lumachina starts having a flash of what she is seeing in her eyes as Batutta is talking to her they just reuse the same exact images from before again. This scene being what it is really kills my hope for the future for other scenes coming up. Was seriously toned down compared to the manga and even if you remove any potential censoring that might be here for BD it won’t really improve much either. It’s not like this was like Healer where we had long pauses on objects or anything else like that which could give opportunities for length but instead what we saw is what we get most likely and what we get is really short and tame so removing the censoring won’t really be much of an improvement.

This part is suspiciously static and seems to hover on this scene longer than it should. Could maybe be censoring but could also just be more static images because of laziness so too early to tell.

Batutta has his maid molest Lumachina till she falls into lust so he can make a lot of essence from her. On a side note I tried inverting those inverted colors they show during this part to see if it returned it to normal as there are some anime and hentai that have done this and using a video player that can make videos look like that can be done to reverse it as well. Sadly inverting the inverted colors doesn’t result in anything except more odd color schemes rather than a more normal one like I have seen possible in other stuff.

Also at first I thought I was misremembering something but then I went back to check the manga and no I wasn’t. In the manga the maid is topless during this entire part yet here they gave her something which covers the bottom half of her breasts thus making it that she isn’t topless anymore. Here are some images of it.

Not only is she topless here but you also get more instances of the orgy occurring in the background as well. This is another thing they avoid coming up also. During the fight that is about to occur you constantly see the orgy going on around them in the manga.

Again more static images and static images of the exact same positions already used with no variety.

Diablo and the others blow a hole in the wall and enter interrupting them. He sees what is going on and freaks out as that wasn’t a part of the event when he experienced it in the game. When Batutta asks how he found the place Diablo tells him he beat all his guards until they told him while hiding the fact that he really found it due to knowing this was the location of the boss battle for this event in the game when he took part in it. When he asks him if he was the one that cast the curse on the town, Batutte asks if he learned about that from Lumachina as Diablo is surprised to learn that she noticed it as well. He tells him no and that he knows because of him being a demon lord which Batutta doesn’t believe. After Diablo asks if he learned about the curse from the fallen as he remembers they were the ones behind it in the game. Batutta acts surprised he could figure that out as they get ready to fight pointing out how narrow the steps are and wants to see if he can handle it.

Diablo uses an explosion spell only to realize that if he isn’t careful he might destroy the place by mistake. After Batutta gets a hit on him he points out that Diablo is unable to use his full magic in this place which gives him an advantage over him as a result. Diablo knowing he can’t risk damaging the place again uses a slow moving orb attack which can only hit one target in order to aim for Batutta knowing he doesn’t have a way to dodge it because of the narrow steps and if he tries he will hit his mines he placed on the wall as well. Batutta knowing what he is trying jumps to the side of the steps and swings himself past the orb as he impales Diabo with his spear while telling him he always sets traps up like this so he can beat people with an advantage.

As Batutta is laughing at how he won having killed Diablo by impaling him in the heart he is grabbed by him and sees he is still alive as Diablo casts an ice spell to freeze him. Having no choice he cuts off his arm before the spell can reach the rest of him. Diablo explains to that he survived because his cape allows him to survive with one hp left if he suffers a fatal attack (because his cape is really a focus sash from pokemon or it instead grants him the miracle skill from fire emblem). He also notes that his horns have activated their auto recovery and as a result he has restored his hp to keep fighting. When the maid sees this she takes out a knife and threatens to kill Rem in order to stop Diablo from finishing Batutta off.

Keyaru would had seen that tongue of her’s and spared her for the purpose of tricking her to use it on his dick. 

Some more pics of this scene from the manga showing her topless as well as the fact that you can see more orgy segments occurring all around. Also keep in mind I’m only posting some of the pages as there are more as well but those have the panels being too small for me to justify spamming that many manga images in this post.

They really cut down on reminding you of the amount of sex going on around them in the anime.

Shera shoots the maid’s hand with the bow she got from Klem in episode 1 causing her to drop the knife. She then turns to stone from the arrow as Shera realizes this must had been the power Klem put into it when she gave her the bow. Horn then runs to untie both Rem and Lumachina.

Batutta realizes he has lost as he tries one last attack after warning them that even if he is not around to see it they will still face despair later. The two of them attack each other with spells as Diablo’s over takes him and beats him. Afterwards the place starts to collapse as Diablo and Shera jump down to the others so they can escape.

Meanwhile Fanis is interrupted while taking a bath by someone telling her he is the general of the demon lord’s army Varakness. He says the demon lord has awakened and he was sent for the purpose of advising her to surrender to them and in exchange the demon lord will make everyone in the city kill themselves instead of having them all eaten alive by monsters instead. When she refuses and tries to shoot him he is unaffected by the attack and tells her he will return on the next full moon to take her and add her to his harem as he leaves. Fanis then notices Diablo and the others floating outside her window.

Some massive bullshit going on with this scene. If the scene feels too sudden like you were just thrown into the middle of it that is because it has been cut significantly and what is worse the best part of the scene was removed. Did it seem odd that they take the time to mention that Fanis’s bath was interrupted when we don’t actually get to see her bathing and instead cuts right to her out of the tub? That is because in both the LN and manga we get an actual bath scene with her here and to top it off she is nude in both versions. In the LN we don’t see anything because of her angle and the manga is barbie doll nudity but it is more than we get here and not her in a towel like the anime gave. For comparison here is the art from the LN.

Now here are parts of the scene in the manga as I don’t want to post too much but enough that you get an idea on what we missed out on.

Complete bullshit and the fact that they not only cut this scene but also added a towel really kills my confidence on future scenes. This gives a large blow to the hope for nudity being delivered like in the manga when we reach it. If they are straight up altering barbie doll nudity with towels and even cutting the entire scene out that gives no hope for the scene with Horn later on which did actually have nipples in the manga.

Diablo thinks back to how they escaped as we see him using the floating magic from episode 1 on the alter and using that for all of them to fly out as the place fell apart. They check on Lumachina as she passes out and see that she has caught the curse as Diablo realizes that was what Batutta’s last words were and he had already placed the curse on her before. Diablo points out that she can’t cure herself of it since as she said last episode her prays don’t work on herself. He asks Horn about the dungeon she talked about in the previous episode and to take them there. Since he knows the dungeon is the one he built in the game he also has his stash located there which includes a charm that can be used to cure the curse which he got as a reward for clearing the event in the game tied to this curse and they can use it on Lumachina when they get it as the episode ends.

The artist for this end card posted the image on their twitter account and since it doesn’t have text on it getting in the way I decided to use this instead of a screenshot of the same end card from after the credits.



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Was really hoping this episode delivered something nice as it was the perfect opportunity to show us what to expect with this season but instead we got essentially nothing. Even if you take in consideration the possibility that the orgy scene was simply censored for broadcast and will be different on BD it still has very little in the way of worth seeing even uncensored. The content was not only short and with no animation but it felt really lazy and uncreative as well with all the scenes of said orgy just being almost identical to each other compared to the manga which gives some variety. In other words if we want to be optimistic and hypothetically say the BD removes the darkness and adds animation the end result will still simply be a few scenes of 1 or 2 seconds in length of characters being fucked from behind for every scene with no variety or anything. The whole thing just felt like they didn’t want to do the scene but had to as removing it would mess with the plot so they just rushed through it as fast they could and took the safe option by doing the least graphic depictions of sex they could and then added censoring over it on top of which.

Made worse when you consider the sex in the recent episode of Hige wo Soru was much more graphic than this was and that is airing earlier than this is as well. This is certainly going to be the episode that needs the BD to fully judge it but there has been no indication anything will be changed in the first place and like I said even if they do uncensor it the content they gave behind that censorship just feels really underwhelming so even uncensored probably won’t feel special. The fact that the recent BD of Mushoku Tense had a really minor instance of animated sex added is even more of a reason they will have no excuse to keep this episode the way it is with the static images and darkness and will be really disappointing if they do. To add more concern there is still the fact that Fanis’s scene was removed and not only was she put in a towel but the maid was put in a top as well. The sheer act of doing this makes me think the chances of the orgy scene having any changes at all takes a hit. If they are removing a bath scene and covering nudity what hope does actual sex have. The first BD comes out on June 25th so still two months away till we learn if they do anything with it.

As for the rest of this episode it really feels like things are being rushed which is most likely due to it only being 10 episodes but doing this is also causing us to miss out on content as well. Service wise this episode has me worried about the future. Removing scenes and showing less skin both of which occurred in this episode has me concerned about what else they could skip due to time and what else could be toned down.  There were too many instances of content this week being made tamer from the orgy scene, to the maid’s clothing, to even skipping Fanis’s bath scene to make me optimistic about later. I wouldn’t be surprised if they change Horn’s nude scene to her being in a bra instead when we get to it. Hopefully what happened in this episode is not a sign of things to come but this episode really killed my hype for the future content. What is getting removed or altered next? Pray nothing else but not getting hopes up for any future scenes now till they actually happen as who knows what they could change about them if this episode is any indication. Also this episode concludes the 4th volume and includes a small bit of volume 5. Based on how the BDs are listed with episode numbers I’m guessing they are keeping each one to a specific volume since the first BD is episodes 1-3 which covered volume 4 so there is a chance 4-7 which is on the 2nd BD will cover volume 5 and 8-10 for volume 6 is my guess.

Shit now I’m unmotivated doing these posts for this show now. The orgy scene is the main thing I was looking forward to and of course they ruined it. Furthermore I will forever hate doggy so the fact that literally every sex instance in this episode consisted of that triggers me. Main thing to look forward to now is Fanis’s scene but now getting worried. Watch that be messed up as well when they get to it.