Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 7


Returning to the first town before the final battle.


This episode should had been the next major service episode but as expected of a show with this level of incompetence not only is service toned down but straight out removed. The only real service this episode is during the first 2 minutes but it’s not even a fraction of what we should had gotten. The series didn’t deserve the fate it got with this adaption.


Fanis comes to visit Diablo and asks him to stay around in the city longer because she wants someone as strong as him around. He remembers that he promised Lumachina that he would go to the capital with her as she said she wants to deal with the church’s corruption directly. Now that the demon lord has been brought back the church can’t be relied on to protect the people as long as it’s run by the current group and so she asks for his help and he agrees.

Throwing a woman on top off warrants the death penalty.

Fanis essentially offers to fuck him in order to change his mind as she starts touching him. Diablo then points out the window to distract her while then running away from her since the anime adaption has now officially changed Diablo to be gay.

This moment is when the entire show should just be thrown in the trash. If the constant static images, low quality, lack of service, lack of interesting plot, or lack of anything making this pile of shit worth 24 minutes of time each week wasn’t enough to make anyone drop this show then what occurred here should be. Not only is this scene massively changed from the source material but even Diablo’s character is ruined by turning him into a beta pussy while the source material handled this scene differently in every aspect including that. So to start with here is the scene from the LN. It’s long but that only shows you just how bad they ruined this scene. Read it if you want to rage.

This is what they took from you. Should have had a long scene of getting kissed by Fanis followed by her giving his arm a titjob as she gets aroused from the whole thing while she is doing it. Then just as they are about to fuck they get interrupted by Lumachina knocking at the door which ends the scene. The manga lacks the foreplay parts but still has the titjob as you can see here..

In both versions Diablo doesn’t run and instead accepts the titties and only stops because Lumachina cock blocks him. Yet for some inane reason cutting this whole scene wasn’t enough they instead had to ruin Diablo’s entire character and turn him into a typical little bitch main character that anime is infested with that runs at the moment sex is a possibility. The show already takes every effort to remove service or tone it down. Christ I hate to think what they would do for the scene with Rem’s aunt giving Diabo a blowjob in later volumes. Probably would change it to be Rem’s uncle fucking Diablo in the ass instead.  Continuing to watch this dumpster fire is torture. Also they remove some plot stuff here as well such as Diablo telling Fanis that Batutta is dead.

The entire scene is a piss poor excuse of an adaption. The whole thing including the Lumachina flashback in it only totals under 2 minutes. Seriously. Actually you know what. Fuck it I’ll post the whole thing. Here are two webms of the entire scene with the Lumachina part cut out. The first is the start and ends right when the flashback would start and the 2nd starts right after the flashback ends and contains the rest of the scene. Only part I had to remove was 4 seconds or so at the start which is just Diablo sitting there as Fanis puts her hand on his shoulder since the whole scene is like a minute and 4 seconds and I’m limited to a minute for webms. But these two are essentially 99 percent of the entire scene.


Whole thing is under two minutes and a complete a joke. Did you read the excerpt from the LN I posted? If not it says specifically that Fanis spends 5 minutes tonguing his mouth. That part alone is more than twice the length of what this entire segment was. Complete garbage studio for fucking this part up.

The next day they head off to the capital but decide to stop back in Faltra to see how everyone is doing. Lumachina says she wants to go to the church to pray for those that died at the city (time wise it has only been a few days since the end of season 1) but they don’t trust Shera as being enough to protect her as Emile shows up and offers to assist her as well. Sylvie tells him he already has other quests to do as she meets with the others as well. After talking to her they learn that Edelgard is now working at a bakery as Diablo and Rose go to see her while the others go with Lumachina.

 Diablo hopes some fudge packing is going on in the bakery for him to take part in.

They arrive at the bakery and discover that it is decorated as a Fallen theme which allows Edelgard to work there without suspicion which she does to earn money to buy Klem biscuits. He also finds out Mei works there as well since her inn has started to get less customers now as people are too scared to travel due to the news that the demon lord was awakened. They find Klem there and talk to her saying they are headed for the capital as she tells them she doesn’t sense a demon lord over there but can tell there is something strong in that area but doesn’t know what.

Celestine comes in and tells Diablo that she always comes to the cafe to eat with Klem as he remembers that he asked her to watch over her while they were gone. As they are talking the owner of the cafe is attacked by some people that are part of the local mafia and are trying to force the owner to buy something that they are trying to pass off as made from the mage’s guild. Diablo is told that they are part of a crime group in the city that have been able to avoid getting arrested by the knights by utilizing loop holes in the law and such. During the fight with the owner they break Klem’s biscuits which results in her going to kill them. Diablo stops her because killing them will cause problems as she simply shoots them out of the building instead as they run away.

Back at the crime group’s headquarters they learn what happened at the bakery only to be told that Diablo and his group have arrived there as well. They break into the place and fight off the guards but with Edelgard and Rose wanting to kill them but Diablo stops them again because of the trouble they would get in. Plus he probably realized now that his anime version has come out of the closet that there is a lot of cock there that is better put in his mouth so he doesn’t want them killed. After some static poses everyone is knocked out.

As they continue into the building they fight a counterfeit Guile that Klem beats by kicking him in the nuts.

The leader is talking about how they should be safe since he paid good money to hire the knockoff Guile as a bodyguard so he shouldn’t lose. Diablo and the others then enter the room as everyone runs off leaving the leader behind. He offers to pay them if they stop as Klem tells him she is only there for vengeance and gets ready to kill him but stops from going all out again because of Diablo. The others then discuss how to kill him as well as Diablo comes up with the idea of making him promise to do good things to make up for their wrongs instead as everyone agrees with that as the mob boss says he will make penance for everything.

 These are the singers for the OP in anime form.

After joining up with the others they tell them about what happened. Galford then comes in and says he heard about what happened at the mob’s hideout and that he had undercover agents there that reported someone calling themselves a demon lord showing up there and he came by to investigate Klem. He doesn’t believe she is the demon lord but asks to take her so she can be checked at a facility to be sure. As they are trying to think on what to do (with Diablo probably contemplating offering Galford a blowjob) the owner of the bakery comes in and says the mob agreed not to attack them anymore and gave money as payment thanks to their promise to Klem.

Celestine also enters and says they came by to apologize to the mages guild and also to promise to stop selling fake goods under their name. Mei also says that a whole line of people are outside that want to thank Klem as their shops were saved as well. Galford decides he will leave now saying that a real demon lord would never get that much thanks from people and he doesn’t have time investigating something that pointless as he leaves them alone.

The next day everyone leaves Faltra so they can head for the capital. Meanwhile the cardinal there gets a report about them and that Lumachina is heading for the capital where they are as the episode ends.

This weeks card is by Asanagi who like the others does hentai. He put a cleaner version on his twitter so I’m using that. Fitting that it involves Diablo getting ntr’d by Emile seeing as how the anime turned Diablo into a beta cuck with this episode’s changes.



Webm Album.



This entire season has turned into a disaster. At first it started with the over reliance on panning static images, then the story being rushed, then content being removed, then content being toned down, and now we get characterization getting ruined to add to that list. How do you manage to fuck this up so badly? It feels like the studio just plain doesn’t give a shit now. They got paid so what do they care just do a half ass shitty job now. The first season had plenty of service by this point and still was interesting yet this season has been a boring drag for a while but even that could be ignored if they had kept the fanservice. Instead any service we get is tame low tier stuff with the actual moments that should had been significant either getting removed all together or modified to not be anywhere near what we should had gotten. This is made so much worse when you consider this season should had easily surpassed the first in terms of service because the source gets more extreme as it goes on but they managed to remove any and all of that making this not even a fraction of what season 1 gave.

They were too pussified to leave a fake titjob scene in so how in the fuck would they handle any of the future stuff later on if this ended up getting a season 3 to reach it? They already shit on Diablo’s character by turning him into a typical beta main character and running away like sex with a woman is the worst thing for him. It defeats the whole point of his character which is fighting through his nerves in order to force himself to act like a demon lord. If they were going to cut the scene out then at the very least do so in a way that doesn’t ruin his character. Everything in this season feels cheap, half assed, and like the studio really doesn’t give a shit. Why do an ecchi series if you are too chicken shit to actually keep the service. Nearly any other studio probably would had been better than what we got. This is truly a monkey paw season 2 wish. You get your season 2 but at what cost?

The series deserved much better than this. Sure it’s not an amazing LN by any means but is at least decent enough and contains content others are too afraid to do that it deserves better treatment than what it is getting with this season. Only 3 more weeks left for this torture to end. If I wasn’t covering the show with these posts I seriously probably would had dropped it by now. As for what is next in terms of service there is no point in speculating now. Why get hopes up for something that will either be toned down or straight out removed. Rem’s tailjob probably will be butchered assuming we even reach it. So no point guessing just have to be surprised at what the turd that come’s out of this studio’s ass next will be.

Fuck I really hate doing these posts now. Seriously I might just shit post all of these remaining 3 like I did with another show a year ago. This is terrible with no redeeming qualities. Removing one of the best scenes and not expanding on it is a crime. Ironically this week is when rune factory 5 came out after like 9 years of people wanting a new game. And sure enough it is shit. Framerate issues, jag, and a number of other problems. Plus all the girl choices are trash with the only good ones like the titty maid not being options. Wishing for sequels really is cursed. This gets a season 2 and it is trash, Rune Factory finally gets a new game and it’s trash as well. Surrounded by shit everywhere.