Isuca fanservice compilation

The anime wasn’t nearly as good as it should have been, but the total sum of service still would up being a respectable amount.


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Series Information


Production Company:  ARMS

Vintage:  Winter 2015


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Notable Seiyuu:



Ibuki Kido as Sakuya Shimazu



Ibuki Kido is also known for her roles as:




Ayumi Fujimura as Isuca


Isuca - Isuca

Ayumi Fujimura is also known for her roles as:


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Saeko Zougou as Nadeshiko Souma


Nadeshiko Souma - Isuca

Saeko Zougou is also known for her roles as:


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Kaori Sadohara as Tamako


Tamako - Isuca

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Thoughts on the anime



It was bad.  Really bad.  Trust me when I say that I take no joy in this, I wanted this anime to be good in the worst way.  But ARMS screwed up in almost every way they possibly could.

The first mistake is that the anime didn’t even really follow the manga very well, which is a real shame because the manga is a good read.

The manga is largely fanservice based with token action scenes, whereas the anime is action based with most of the fanservice relegated to less than ideal ‘combat nudity’ scenarios.

This was always going to be a mistake, but they could have maybe gotten away with it if the writing and budget had been very good.  Instead, both are incredibly sub-par.

When your anime is capable of making even the likes of Ayumi Fujimura seem charmless and uber-cliched, you know your script has issues.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a worse performance from a seiyuu I respect more.

I’ve long felt that Master of Martial Hearts  was ARMS worst anime ever, but Isuca  is right up there.  “Oh man, nothing hotter than seeing a topless chick rip her own arm off!” -Said no one ever.

If you are going to make an anime that contains graphic violence against women AND erotic nudity, you have to walk a very fine line to pull it off or else the anime just becomes a cringe factory.

Isuca did it about as poorly as they could have.  And the worst part is that they didn’t even have to, since the manga isn’t disturbing at all.

Another problem this anime had was featuring a director who was inexperienced in nudey anime, and boy did it show.  If ARMS can’t find themselves a good director, they should at least find a director who knows how to draw nipples properly.

The side-story OVA does finally add a bit of warmth to this series at the very end, but it’s too little too late.

I tend to really enjoy ecchi shows and will normally urge you guys to check out more than just the T ‘n A highlights.  But in this case, I wouldn’t bother.  Tits and ass is the only redeeming feature this anime has.  Just watch the highlights, and if you like reading, then check out the manga too.

I’ll gladly stick up for panned ecchi shows like Triage X  and Seikoku no Dragonar – if an anime shows nipples it can be mediocre and I’d love it.  This is a rare case of an ecchi anime being so bad that even nudity couldn’t save it.



Thoughts on the fanservice video



It’s always weird when I have to ADD censorship to my videos to filter out blood, gore, or other gross things that would be a total boner kill.  I had to do that a lot with this one.

Still an ‘okay’ video considering.  This anime had a lot of issues for sure, but it still found a way to pack in almost 20 minutes of service material.  Not bad for only having 11 total episodes and zero specials.



Favorite Character





Fifty-year-old Ikue Ohtani always brings a lot of fun to her characters, but her Granny Nami character didn’t really have enough screen time register much.

If Nadeshiko-sensei had showed her tits *just once* it would have been an easy pick.  Her nude scenes were some of the best in the manga.

But seeing that ARMS cruelly denied us a full glimpse of Nadeshiko’s funbags, I guess the next best option would have to be (sigh) Suseri.  Not exactly an inspiring character, but she had the best boobs in the anime, and she was way less annoying than Tamako or Sakuya.