Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls Episode 1 Fanservice Review

There is truly an anime for everything

In the latest installment of Cute Girls do X thing, the topic is competitive rock climbing. It goes about as you’d expect – ass closeups, spread legs, tight uniforms, tight bodies, athletic women.

The plot isn’t interesting enough to warrant close coverage. In short, you have a spunky teenage girl who doesn’t know what she wants out of life and finds a passion for rock climbing. So almost every sports anime set up ever.



the midsection  blur is caused by the camera motion. Unfortunate. In any case this is a rather ripped female. I’m sure there’s an audience thrilled by this design.

this is MC-chan unlocking her super power to climb a wall. A skill she has honed through obsessive video gaming. Very anime.

Blonde haired girl seems to like what she sees. Hopefully this show has some yuri teasing. Seems likely since there are no dudes anywhere to be found.

Buff girl and MC-chan have a climbing competition. If MC-chan wins she can join the club. Is there any doubt what will happen here.



I’ve seen Climbing Girls compared to Keijo on various sites I frequent, but if this episode is any indication it will not be as creative nor gratuitous with it its shameless fanservice shots. Keijo was paradise for ass-men while this is more so pandering to people who like athletic girls with a side dish of asses and spread eagle poses.

I’m hoping that the fanservice amps up in later episodes, as there is a lot of potential to be had with this concept considering the frenetic nature of rock climbing. Also, two of the girls have big tits. Which is antithetical to rock climbing but entirely necessary for fanservice. The ending montage gave hopes for settings outside of competition that would invite ecchi, such as a bathhouse or a bedroom. To be determined whether or not that is the case.

You may have realized that this season is fairly dry for the ecchi genre. This is potentially the best new ecchi anime of the season. If you find any other  fanservice shows that aren’t continuations like Dan Machi, feel free to note such in the comments. I am keeping tabs on Assault Lily as is.

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