Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Training Arc Commences

Konomi and her teammates undergo a rigorous training exercise to prepare themselves for competition. It takes the entire episode, start to finish, and that is awesome. If and when this team emerges as champions of rock climbing, it’ll feel deserved after having watched them train for it.

Konomi is already struggling with jogging. This is going to be a long day for her.

Konomi is called a fat fuck by her teammate Nonoka. The truth cuts deep.

Konomi wishes she were strong enough to handle this training session. In reality…

Poor Konomi is wiped out. But at least she hung in there until the end and didn’t quit. Her hard work is rewarded by a lunch date with Jun senpai.

Jun receives a bit of characterization here. More than the hardass she presents herself to be typically. Is a loner that wants friends and some balance in her work/social life. Worth keeping an eye on her development with Konomi, who figures to be the missing piece to her puzzle. Hopefully not just metaphorically speaking.

New girl alert. She cute.

They do 1v1 in a cell phone game. Konomi fucking destroys her, leaving new girl temporarily dejected. She’ll appear later on in the episode as a climber though.

The team goes to the rural outdoors to practice on actual rocks, not just props. This proves to be…a challenge for Konomi, to say the least. Another obstacle for her to overcome.

…is what would happen if this were a horror. Tis was an imagination borne out of her fear of falling, and that fear causes her to fail to climb the rocks. Fear of falling is probably the #1 barrier to anyone trying this sport out for the first time, so it’ll be interesting to watch how Konomi figures this out.

Everyone overcomes the rock obstacle except for Konomi. Instead of pouting, she works her ass off to surpass that obstacle. Good shit.

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This episode may contain more media than the other two combined. If not, it’s probably close. Tons of capturing opportunities with all the ass shots and convenient service close ups. And in addition to that service, you get what is turning into a solid sports narrative with obstacles and opportunities for growth. Solid all around thus far.