Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 1



Dating the quiet girl at work.


The next r18 show for the season has now started. Much like overflow it has the most quality and effort put into it compared to the others which makes sense as it is done by the same studio that did overflow last year. Length wise the r18 version is around 2 minutes and 45 seconds of extra content compared to the all ages version. The actual episode itself is around 7 minutes and 47 seconds but it gives a full length ED credits like some previous  r18 shows have done so in reality the initial runtime makes it seem longer than it really is. But the length is still on the high end with only really overflow having matched it compared to other r18 shows.


Hachiya and his boss are standing around when his boss asks him if he thinks Rena the quiet girl in the office is a virgin. He tells him he was curious since she never seems to show an interest in men or her appearance. He then challenges Hachiya to take her out on a date to find out and if he does it then he won’t report him for skipping work the previous day.

This is where I would be running. Asking a glasses girl out and then having her show up not wearing them is what my personalized silent hill would be. I already rage in harvest moon/story of season games where if you marry a glasses girl she appears at the wedding not wearing them. The fuck. Seriously even the new one on switch does it.

Hachiya asks her out and she accepts and when she shows up he doesn’t recognize her at first since she has dressed herself up which is something he never saw her do at work before. They go to a restaurant to eat and during it she is more talkative then she normally is at work as he notes how different she really is. Eventually Rena asks him why he wanted to take her out in the first place and he accidentally tells her the truth about how the boss wanted to know if she was a virgin.

After leaving the restaurant he realizes that he made her angry by telling her so he apologizes while also telling her that he isn’t just doing this as part of a bet anymore since he thinks she is pretty after seeing her like she is now and after the time they spent talking he now wants to legitimately get to know her more. She then asks if that is why they are in front of a love hotel as he realizes that by chance they stopped walking right in front of one.

If watching the all ages version the following scenes are skipped and just skips ahead to the scene after but in place of these scene the all ages version does give this eyecatch much like how overflow did with it’s all ages version.

While the r18 version gets the following.


They go into the love hotel and he asks if Rena is really fine with it as she tells him she wouldn’t had came there with him if not. She also reveals that she is a virgin to him thus answering the very question he was taking her out on a date for. After they have finished Rena goes to take a bath and Hachiya starts to wonder what he should tell his boss at work tomorrow since telling him the truth about what happened might cause problems. When Rena gets back he also asks her why she didn’t reject him and was willing to give her virginity to him as she just tells him because she wanted to. And with that the episode ends.

There is also some stuff from the ED credits worth showing as well.



Webm Album.



The first episode managed to get through fast enough to get to the first sex scene which is good news since it hopefully means that each episode will reach the next scene giving us a different one each time. As for how far they will reach it’s hard to say. The BD lists 8 episodes so like overflow we only get 8. Interestingly the runtime on the BD for all the episodes is 60 minutes in total compared to overflow’s BD which is 56 minutes so we already know from that information this will have more content length wise it seems.

Much like overflow the quality seems to be much better than some of the stuff we get in previous r18 shows. No idea if that is because they started to give these more of a budget or if it has to do with the studio but hopefully it continues this way at least for male aimed r18 shows. This episode covered the first 4 chapters so assuming they continue at this rate we will end up getting pretty far into the manga. Though it is possible they might start skipping some content like overflow did for some minor things. However overflow also did some anime original content as well. So will be interesting to see if the studio will do that again with this and gives us some original episodes near the end.

The preview image for the next episode implies we get another sex scene next time and based on the number of chapters covered this week that means next episode should cover the scene in ch 5-8. Which is good and is exactly what these shows need more of and that is the woman being assertive instead of submissive. So assuming they stay true to the manga next week will be something nice.

If we do get anime original scenes in this like with overflow then they better not be scenes with her in her non glasses form. Later on in the manga we start getting that occurring more often because the manga wants to become heresy. Alternatively they can avoid this if they instead make the original episodes focused on the other girl since she only gets an imagination scene in the manga so far.