Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 2


Doing a good job at work wins you a glasses girl.


The episode this week episode is only 2 minutes and 15 seconds longer in the r18 version so 30 seconds shorter than the previous one. But the plus side is we do get the second girl showing up this episode. As for if she will possibly get anything in the future though that will depend on how far the story gets.

It will be a massive crime if we don’t get anything of her in this. Having read all of the current translations I can say she doesn’t get a scene or at least a real one yet but there is an imagination scene with her later on. When Rena worries that Hachiya and Rie might be fucking when he is out with her she starts to imagine it while touching herself. This would be our only chance at getting any content from her unless they do something original. Have to pray we do get that chapter as it would be such a waste of her design not to give us anything of her.

Hachiya and the rest of the office are having a party to celebrate Hachiya’s good job at work having got a new contract for their company. At the party he tells the boss about the date he had with Rena and the question he wanted to know proving he held up the bet but doesn’t tell him anything about what actually happened during the date. The boss is surprised he actually asked her but tells him not to worry about her being angry over it since she doesn’t look mad about it and might actually like him instead since she is at the party when normally she ignores the office parties. Hachiya tells his boss he has no interest in Rena and it doesn’t matter that she is here.

During this time Rie the other girl that works at the office shows up and the boss tells her about what happened. Hearing about this she starts trying to push for Hachiya to pursue Rena and that he should go home with her since the combination of sake might result in them doing something further. She and the boss then talk about trying to set them up as Hachiya tries to ignore it and keeps drinking.

Hachiya is taken home by Rena since he ended up too drunk from the party and the boss and Rie sent him home in the same taxi as Rena on purpose. After Rena helps him to the bed she goes to get him water as drunk Hachiya pulls her to the bed and starts doing things to her in his drunken state. He mentions how everyone at the party was trying to get the two of them together and are probably talking about them now as Rena says that didn’t bother her. He eventually asks if they can do it again as she agrees.

They kind of ignore something in the manga during this. In the manga Hachiya  is so drunk from the party he is about to puke which is why Rena decides to take control herself and tells him to not do anything. Here though they kind of don’t even mention anything about that which kind of ruins the whole point of showing Rena taking the initiative.

If you are watching the all ages version this stuff is skipped but at this point is when they show the eye catch for the all ages version. Both versions then join up at this point.

Waking up next to a girl without her glasses on is more horrifying than waking up to her having a penis.

After they have finished Hachiya starts to regain being sober and realizes what they did. He looks at Rena asleep and starts to think how he needs to do something about this since they have now fucked twice now and it wouldn’t be good for them to have a relationship like that. So he tells himself he will start distancing himself from Rena from now on so this doesn’t happen again as the episode ends.



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The quality has remained the same as the first episode so far so that is good but there is a problem I’m starting to noticed. It’s early so can’t really judge the show for this yet but after this episode I’m noticing something with the show’s camera directing and visuals during the sex scenes. Some of the angles and shots used for the scene this episode I find to be a downgrade compared to the angles and views in the manga of the same scene as you saw more of Rena in it compared to here. They skipped some better angled view shots of her and some of the other shots that they did use were altered. I noticed this with the first episode as well where scenes from the manga were used but were cropped (such as only showing her from the shoulders up for one part compared to a full body shot in the manga for example) or had other changes to show less angles of her body or were skipped altogether. In short we are seeing less of Rena visually than the manga shows during the sex scenes. I have an idea on what might be going on here based on some things said in the past from the director but like I said it is too early so maybe this will change down the line so I will withhold my judgement until the end to see if things improve. Other than that though the animation, art, and designs have remained decent and the show still is better looking than the other r18 shows we have gotten.

This episode wasn’t as long as the previous but that’s to be expected since they fluctuate each week with these shows. We do get the second girl introduced though and seeing her design in the show hopefully they do give us content of her by reaching that part in the manga. Based on the speed they are going it could entirely be possible we get to the imagination scene with Rie so hopefully they don’t skip it. Next week looks to be the beach episode so we will get to see her in a swimsuit and the scene will involve Hachiya and Rena in the boss’s car.

So assuming each scene from the manga is tackled in one episode each we should reach the ideal place to end the story in just a few episodes giving plenty of room for other stuff after. What they will do with the remaining episodes after that is anyone’s guess such as if they do original content like overflow did at the end or just go further into the manga. The imagination scene with Rie would be during this point as well so here is hoping they do include that be it by either reaching it for real or rearranging it’s order or adapting it into some original content instead so get something of her before the show ends.

Holy shit it took 4 years for us to finally get a girl on top scene with these. Seriously fuck how long it took. Every scene in these r18 shows would be either missionary 90 percent of the time or dog the other 10. As if showing a women in control was illegal. There were others that came close but failed such as overflow having the girl put it in then before she even does anything they switch while araiya almost had one as well but all you saw was the top of her shoulders so you didn’t get to see anything. The lack of variety in sex positions in these shows is dumb. Even the original content created for these shows doesn’t do anything different. Eternity was the only one that had different positions but that wasn’t a comic festa series and had shitty animation overall. Figures that it took 4 years for this though and you still barely see it longer than a few seconds and most of it isn’t from the front.