Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 4


Putting in overtime at work wins you a glasses girl.


This week’s r18 version is slightly longer than the previous 2 we have had but only by around 12 seconds so we still haven’t matched the length of the first episode yet. We have also reached the halfway point with only 4 episodes left.


Continuing from the previous episode Rena hears Hachiya telling the boss that he has no interest in her and would rather date Rie instead causing her to run off. Later when everyone is going out to drink he stays behind because he has some extra work he wants to do. When he goes inside he sees Rena is there as well doing extra work also. He tells her he is sorry about what happened earlier as she says she doesn’t care since it’s not like they are dating so it doesn’t matter as she gets up to go take a break from working.

When she gets up to leave she instead kisses Hachiya and asks if they can do it again. He realizes she must still be upset over what happened earlier as he says he was lying to the boss about Rie to keep everything a secret. She says she knows and then uses this time to confess to him that she has liked him this whole time and starts crying. He hugs her having now learned the truth and that she was hiding it and asks if they can start dating now then. When she says she isn’t like Rie he tells her he doesn’t care because like he said earlier what he said about her was a lie and that he really likes her instead of Rie.

At this point in the all ages version you get the following image instead as it skips the entire next part…

While in the r18 version you get the following..

After they finish it then switches to the next day as the boss notices both of them are at work early. Hachiya tells him they both had a lot of extra work to do so they slept there overnight as a result. The boss then gets confused as he says Rena had no extra work to do as Hachiya realizes she had stayed behind on purpose to find him as the episode ends.



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Initially I had assumed this would be the end point for the show since this would had been a good ending with them finally agreeing to be in a relationship and start dating but seems we reached this point at only halfway. Based on the preview image and title for the next episode it looks like they will at least for now be continuing on with following the manga. The next chapter after this involves their first real date and when they go to a love hotel after and it looks like that will be next week’s episode. After that there will only be 3 episodes left and there are a few things they could do with those depending on if they want to follow the manga or not and if they do follow the manga what they might skip or not.

In the case of Overflow last year they did original stuff for the final 2 episodes and since we have the same staff for this we might see a similar thing done as well. Though in Overflow’s scenario since there were two girls they needed at least 2 original episodes to cover each so maybe we will only get one original episode here. I’m mainly curious to see if they really are going to ignore the Rie plot stuff or not since they already removed something from the beach episode which was relevant to it. For now just have to wait and see.

Just like how last week both shows I covered had similar scenes this week is the same. Also on another note since the fireman r18 show is getting a second season in summer I’m probably going to be stuck covering it because now I’m going to feel obligated to cover it again. The other josei titles I did better not start getting sequels now. I wanted to escape doing the girl shows.