Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 6


Workplace rules should require women to keep their glasses on.


As expected last week’s preview of this episode was nothing more than clickbait and it instead just followed the next chapter. Though there is a change near the end which I’ll get to then. Also another longer episode than like like week and the first episode as well.


Hachiya is at lunch with the others as they talk about how he messed up getting a contract that should had been easy. Rie offers to comfort him since they are both single as the others wonder if they are dating as he tells them no and turns her down. During this Rena walks by and hears the conversation as Rie asks her if she wants to eat with them as she keeps leaving. They then talk about how they don’t understand her.

Later on Hachiya is helping Rena clean up after a meeting. He goes to hug her having realized she is still upset over what she heard earlier as he tells her that he likes her over Rie and not to worry. In the all ages version you get the following eyecatch after this instead.

While in the r18 version you get the next scene.


As he tries to do stuff she stops him saying that they should wait till later at night since it would be too much of a risk. He accepts and tells her to leave ahead of him so he can finish by himself as he won’t be able to calm down as long as she is there as she sees that he is hard now. She then decides to take care of it instead.

 Nero: FUCK YOU.


As they are doing it the janitor comes by and asks if anyone is in there since the door is locked. Hachiya says to be quiet in hopes he goes away as Rena starts moving on her own instead. Eventually he leaves and they continue.

After finishing they leave and Hachiya runs into his boss who tells him that someone else was looking for him. As he leaves to go find them he drops the condom wrapper from earlier as his boss see it and picks it up and looks at it as the episode ends. They changed this from the manga and sure enough just like the beach episode’s removal of a certain scene they did it here. In the manga it is Rie who talks to him and finds the condom wrapper instead of his boss and it is the last piece of evidence she needs to convince her what was going on between him and Rena. The removal of this scene and the scene at the beach where she implied to him she knew what was going on means they probably really are removing her plot importance.



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Not like it was unexpected as I said last week there was a chance the next episode preview was clickbait but I still hoped it wasn’t. The fact that they went through the effort to change her comfort line from the manga from “shall I comfort you”  to “Next week I will comfort you” for that preview gave a slight bit of hope they were changing things but no it was straight up misleading. Then at the end of this episode they removed an important plot point with Rie which means all the needed plot scenes necessary for what leads to her only scene of service have now been removed. If they followed the manga then later on after this scene would be when Rie threatens to tell everyone unless he goes on a date with her to explain what is going on. And this date is what leads to Rena’s imagination scene about her and the only service of her we get.

The preview for the next episode is hard to tell what chapter it is of as the image doesn’t match up to any scene next in the manga and the line from it says the next episode will be tense. Mangawise the chapters after this don’t really fit what is aid in that next episode preview. The only one I could think of that could slightly match to that description would be the Rie chapter but since they removed the scenes needed in order for that chapter to make sense it will seem odd without the proper context. However we are at the last 2 episodes now and Overflow last year had it’s final 2 episodes be original content so it is possible that is what will start happening next week. I suppose if you really want to hold out hope it’s possible they could use the fact that the boss found the condom to maybe have him talk about it with others or accuse Hachiya of fucking Rie at work and Rena could overhear it and later start to imagine it. That is one way they could still keep that chapter in despite removing the scenes leading up to it. Other than that it seems like the last 2 episodes will be a mystery assuming they are no longer following the manga now.

I am so bored of this show at this point. What makes this worse is the fact that I shouldn’t be because finally we got one of these with a glasses girl. However everything about this show is boring and on top of which her personality is so shit it cancels out the glasses benefit. Will save my negatives for the last post though but I highly doubt the show will redeem itself in those last 2 episodes.