Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 7


Getting caught by the boss.


This episode is the shortest one out of all the episodes so far. As such not much here compared to previous episodes. The episode itself also happens to be original so it seems they are no longer following the manga now.


Hachiya and Rie are called into the office as the boss tells them he knows they are fucking at work. When they act confused he shows them the condom he picked up that Hachiya dropped. And the reason why he suspects Rie as the person with him is because of how he has said before that she is the one he would date instead of Rena. When Rie is asked about it she refuses to comment on it. They are both told to not let the higher ups find out as they are allowed to leave as Hachiya remains quiet about the truth. As they are leaving Rena asks what happened as the boss tells her that he learned the two of them are dating.

After Rena walks around sad because she believes they are she eventually goes to talk to Hachiya the next day at work. She tells him she wants to end their relationship because she thinks she isn’t worthy of it. After he gets mad over her deciding to just end their relationship like that he tells her to let him do whatever he wants to her one last time as she agrees. The following is skipped in the ages version and you get this instead…

Really low quality image because the only upload of the all ages version I could find is a low quality chinese rip. The show is so ignored even the one source I had that was uploading the all ages one dropped it apparently. Meanwhile the r18 version gives this….

Making sense of this episode is impossible that I don’t even know how to describe it. In short he decides to treat her like shit during this scene and then tells her he lied about how this would be their last time. And I guess this just resolves everything. Because it then just jumps to the next scene.

At work the next day he is thinking about what he did to Rena yesterday as Rie comes up to ask him if he wants to go out for a drink later as he agrees and the episode ends.



Webm Album.



Seems my prediction last week on what they were going to do with this episode after they changed the ending of the previous chapter was close to right. But pretty sure anyone else could had guessed as well because of how terrible the story is at this point though. Sadly what they didn’t do was include content with Rie like I had hoped. Also it does indeed seem they are following the format of Overflow and having the last two episodes be original.

Though in this case the original episode they gave us was garbage. If you’re going to do an original episode at least do something decent but this one had nothing redeeming about it. A bunch of unneeded soap opera drama and little service at that with this being the shortest length episode. Also there was a significant amount of man ass and other things I didn’t include that don’t belong. I’ll wait till the final episode to give my overall opinion on this show but I’ll just say I was bored with this weeks ago and am glad the next episode is the end. Next week will be an original ending it seems so no way to predict what is in it. Assuming the Rie date thing at the end of this episode carries over they might adapt some stuff from that chapter where he turns her down and admits to the stuff with Rena but who knows.

You know what is really going to annoy me. My 300th post is going to end up being the final episode of this. Why couldn’t that had been on something I liked instead. A bunch of issues I had with this show I can talk about next week. Just have to figure out how to not make it too long.