Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 8


Turning down a non glasses girl for a glasses girl.


This episode is sort of a hybrid of adapting an actual chapter while also going anime original. Sadly the part of said chapter that would had made the episode interesting was removed. Also though it’s not as short as last week this episode is still on the lower end of extra length for the r18 version.


Hachiya is out on a date with Rie like he promised in the previous episode. He asks her about why she didn’t tell the boss the truth about things and let him keep believing they were dating. She says she stayed quiet because she really does want him for herself but now that she knows he has a girlfriend she knows that is impossible now. He tells her that he doesn’t anymore and they broke up the other day. Hearing that Rie tells him that in that case they are both single and she would be fine with things as she points out they stopped outside a love hotel.

As Hachiya walks over to Rie he starts to remember Rena and turns her down saying that he has to find her because of how much he likes her. Rie realizing she lost tells him that she saw Rena at the park as he runs off after her completely ignoring the fact that Rie had managed to figure out who it was. So this actually was an adaption of the Rie chapter I had mentioned in these posts where we would potentially get Rie content. But of course as expected they removed it.

In the chapter we should had got an imagination scene with Rie as Rena worries what they could be doing while also giving us content of Rena as she fingers herself thinking about it. But they remove this because giving content of another character would had actually been a smart thing to stop this show from being more redundant and stale and can’t be having that. Also the context of the ate was changed as in the source Rie asks him out to talk about who it was since she was the one that found the condom while here they changed it to her just wanting to go on a date and Hachiya accepting because he was not with Rena anymore.

Hachiya finds Rena and tells her he loves her and is sorry for yesterday. They then go back to his place and if watching the all ages version this is skipped completly and we get the following..

Meanwhile in the r18 version you get this scene..

The next day at work Hachiya gives Rena some papers and makes it look like he is asking her to do work in front of the others. She opens it and sees a letter from him presumably planning their next date as the show ends.



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Final thoughts for my last episode posts are always long so best skip this if you don’t want a lot to read. If you want a quick answer on my opinion of the show I’ll say this. This show convinced me to stop doing posts for r18 shows after this one. As for why well this is where the long part comes in. So let’s start with the positives. The art and animation remained decent throughout putting it certainly high up compared to all the others in that aspect. And we finally got one of these with a glasses girl and finally another male aimed r18 title of these after a year since the last one. So what is the problem you ask? Part of that previous sentence I have come to realize is just a lie by comicfesta. I alluded to this problem a few times in these before but this show fully convinced me of something about the truth of what all of these really might as well be labeled as instead despite how comicfesta attempts to markets it as.

This was the 4th male aimed r18 show we got but here is the thing despite comicfesta selling these shows for men it’s all bullshit. If you haven’t watched the show and only followed these posts it wouldn’t be as apparent since I cut most of the content that doesn’t belong in these with the exception of a very small amount of it and only when there still was the girl in the pic. So in short you mainly only saw the decent stuff and avoided the bad but this show had a lot of stuff men do not want to see in their porn. There are a number of male ass shots in nearly every episode, there are constant cut aways to show the guy’s face during sex, multiple female pov shots, and even plenty of moments where the camera focused on the guy’s chest and other parts. If this was a josei for women that would be fine but it’s not. This is labeled as for men and sold as such they even have retail bonuses and merchandise that are obviously catering to men but the catch is the show doesn’t. It’s a case of the mouth saying one thing but the hands doing another.

Thinking back on it only 1 of these 4 shows should be considered for men and that was joshi ochi and I’m starting to think they did the best first to serve as bait on purpose. In the case of araiya they removed a sex scene with the second girl probably in an attempt to make it a romance show which probably pissed anyone off that went into the manga expecting the same after seeing the show only to find in the manga he fucks multiple different girls now. But the point is the show had only one girl and I think I remember even bringing up how is this any different from the endless josei’s we were getting with a forced romance, drama, and one girl focus. Then we got overflow and I’m pretty sure I brought this up then as well but it’s director whom also directed this said in an interview prior to overflow airing that they wanted to make it appeal to women as well through various means such as dialogue, shots, and such which is bullshit as it’s meant to be for men and labeled that way so why should it do that when the josei’s which are labeled for women don’t make an effort to do the same thing for men.

Sure enough that show suffered from a number of terrible shots. I actually went back to look at my posts for it as I’m writing this and I must had memory holed this up but it was actually worse than I remembered. Much like this there were a number of ass shots in it and bad angles for viewing the women and I’m wondering how many male focused shots I actually cut out of those now as I forgot. These terrible viewing angles of the woman that occured was actually an issue with this show as well besides the male ass shots. There were countless scenes were Rena was not shown in a full body shot like the manga with multiple instances of it focusing on her face instead, cropping the scene, showing only minimal parts of her breasts or blocking them entirely, or having the guy block out parts of her instead. Both this and overflow suffered from mostly avoiding visually appealing for men porn shots. It’s not easy to explain but if you watch enough hentai you know what I’m talking about.

That is to say nothing of all the soap opera drama and other things put in them which in many cases isn’t in the source. The only title out of these 4 that really felt aimed at men was joshi ochi. Not only was that directed by someone with hentai experience but we also got character design by a well liked hentai artist. The show was pretty much a lighthearted comedy and gave 3 different girls and was just what you would expect a for men short porn show to be. But these other 3 shows? No you want to know what these are? They are simply more josei only with the main guy not being a full blown rapist the way the guys in those other josei’s are. That is the only difference. They still play out and are directed like they are for women. removing scenes of other girls to focus on one only like it is meant to be a female self insert, romance drama, and camera angles avoiding popular male hentai angles and instead giving shots of the guy’s body, all of it just reeks of being a josei wearing a fake beard and thinking you won’t notice.

I’m hoping that is enough for people to get what I’m talking about and why I’m pretty much done with these shows since though I could write more I’m trying to not make this as much as a novel as my final thoughts usually are. As for what is next for the r18 shows, the next season has a genderswap title which comicfesta is classifying as part of their yaoi category. Then there is the second season of the fireman show in summer which I did the first of but am most likely not touching season 2. I only touched the first season after having stopped doing the josei shows previously because they flaunted all the different men and women in it that I thought we would get multiple girls getting scenes but of course didn’t. I didn’t even watch that subbed I just made shit up for it’s posts. As for the male shows assuming you still believe them to be that. I actually have an idea on what it will be.

This past fall comicfesta gave away 3 different themed gift cards for each of their 3 categories: the josei ones, for men, and yaoi. The josei one features all the josei manga that recieved adaptions. The male one however was this. Only 3 of those 5 had adaptions at the time. Sure enough jimihen was announced months later which leaves only one series on there without it. Also the yaoi card was in the same situation. Some of the titles on there had adaptions while others did not. And just like before the recent genderswap one just announced was on the yaoi card from back then as well. So it is safe to say the series on these are next and the only one remaining for men is a housewife ntr series. That manga shown there with the pink hair woman is called “Haitteru…! Otto no Me no Mae de Aragaenai Netori Esthe” or “I Can’t Resist His Massage! Cheating in Front of My Husband’s Eyes” in english. There is a good chance this might be next for the “male” aimed r18 shows if the pattern shown so far is any indication. It might end up being fall unless they really did make these a once a year thing. Regardless I took a look at it and it is the most generic bland shit possible. Just hearing the description you can take a guess on how cliched it plays out. So should that be next no I’m not covering it.

When I started covering the josei shows 4 years ago I eventually stopped as I got sick of how every single one was just rehash after rehash. I then said I would do r18 posts again when they start making them for men and when they did we got joshi occhi which gave me hope for the future. But now after 3 more attempts the shows not only don’t feel like they are any different from the josei’s when I covered those but comicfesta has made zero effort to keep any of this fresh. Nearly all of these shows both the joseis and the male ones all amount to the same shit. Sexually submissive female with 95 percent of all the sex scenes being missionary or doggy while the female pulls the “kyaaa I’m embarrassed” bullshit. All of these have just fallen into such a predictable, repeatable, and boring format that I don’t even want to watch them at this point.

It’s not just me either but even japan seems to have lost caring about these. I said this last week but getting hold of the all ages version is actually much harder than it should be. This might not seem like a big deal if you are unfamiliar with why this is important but let me put it this way. This is the first time in the 4 years since these shows have started that I did not see the all ages version get uploaded within 10 minutes of finishing airing. Likewise the r18 version is only able to be found because of a certain site buying and uploading it themselves and if not for them the r18 version would be nowhere. Meanwhile in the past these shows would have multiple different sources putting up different copies of it. Everyone seems to have gotten bored of these and I don’t blame them. Imagine what it is like when you have to every week do these posts covering them and be bored the whole time.

So with that said this probably ends these r18 comicfesta posts as I just can’t stand these shows at this point. They fail to capture my interest and as I said none of them other than joshi ochi felt really aimed at men like they claim. These are nothing more than anime soap operas but with explicit content to bait coomers in till they see the explicit content isn’t even handled well. Of course maybe that is just because of how much hentai I have watched but regardless I just don’t see any appeal in these anymore. I had hope for these 4 years ago when they started and then more hope when we started getting male aimed ones 2 and a half years ago but after covering all of these and seeing the same rehash each time and bad directing decisions and other problems I have just given up on any of these being decent at this point. It’s possible someone else might decide to pick up these shows to do posts on but I’m done with them. Also the views on these posts actually are really low compared to other posts so again it’s not a big loss as interest in these are waning and I put the full blame on comicfesta for not even attempting to make these feel different or even interesting. Maybe another company will show up someday to do r18 shows of their own like what happened with that other girl porn show in the fall which wasn’t made by comicfesta. Perhaps if said day comes and we get male r18 shows made by a company that knows how to make them I will do those instead.

Couldn’t fit this in my post as it was long enough already but another issue I had is that Rena is a terrible character. I absolutely hate insecure, low self esteem, no confidence women and consider it possibly the most unattractive traits a women can have and she is the embodiment of all of those. Her only redeeming feature was being a glasses girl but putting glasses on a turd doesn’t make it good looking. I just really hate submissive women and the fact that submissive women are what most of these r18 shows consist of it doesn’t help my feelings towards them. On a positive note this is now my 300th post. Can’t remember my 200th and pretty sure I said that about my 100th on that. How long till the next 100 now?