Jyuushin Gura manga fanservice compilation


Jyuushin Gura is a bit of a hidden gem ecchi manga that combines well drawn samurai action with top notch fanservice.

This manga looks great, I’m surprised it only lasted two volumes.  Surprisingly, it was created by Hideyuki Kurata.  Kurata is most famous for authoring Read or Die , Gun X Sword , El Hazard  and Battle Athletes .  He also wrote the anime screenplays for Excel Saga  and Hellsing .


Jyuushin Gura  (ch. 1-11, complete?)



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All I could find online were 11 chapters worth of this manga, and according to multiple online sources, this manga only lasted two tankobon volumes.  It’s possible there were more than 11 chapters to this manga, I have no way of knowing.