Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 10


Setting up a trap.


Sadly we don’t get the Blade revenge this episode as the episode ends right before it starts pushing it into next week. So most of the service we get for this episode is more of what we have already seen enough of to the point of it having no impact. So get ready for more threesomes with the same characters.



Continuing from last week, Keyaru sees Norn and Blade have arrived but suddenly realizes that his raging over seeing Blade was sensed by Hawkeye who is one of the three heroes and is with Norn. He runs off to think on what to do next as he knows he doesn’t want to fight him or those elite knights with her.

Some girls see Blade as she enters the city and start liking her. Blade then notices one of the girls looking at her and eventually drugs her and rapes her after taking the girl back to her room. We get jack shit from this scene in terms of any content. This scene is probably meant to be the manga equivalent of what happens earlier in that but with a different context and timing. But the main point was to show how evil Blade is but we hardly get any of that from this scene nor do we get any service really from this either. To give you an idea on what the manga gave to show Blade’s behavior here are pages of it.

The really odd thing is right as Blade is about to do stuff the scene cuts away to an object on the wall before ending which actually had me think we would get something in atx but no it’s the same. A complete wasted opportunity to give us a scene featuring Blade and this random girl which would had been nice to get primarily because it would had been a different set of nudity which this show desperately needs. But hey I guess they had to skimp out on this scene to save time to give us the so much needed 80th threesome with the same characters in a bit as the main service this episode.

Keyaru and the others are out with Karman at a restaurant as the two of them start talking about a deal together. Keyaru had told him that he wants to earn money while in town and shows him some potions he can make. Karman examines them and tells him he can make a good amount with these especially since people in the town have gotten nervous over the kingdom’s army being in the city. Keyaru says he will make some in bulk and he can sell them as they agree. During this Karman tells him how he hopes to open a bigger store of his own in another city someday as Keyaru tells him he should be more focused on surviving first because of the army being in town and knowing that it could turn into a battlefield soon.

Karman says that Keyaru should be more worried as he tells him about the news spreading about Blade. He says the daughter of someone was raped by Blade and because it being someone like Blade the father can’t do anything as Karman warns to stay away from a certain area and a bar that she frequents. Keyaru thinks on how he can use this to catch Blade and considers using Flare as bait. This scene is for the most part the same as the WN version while the manga on the other hand like I mentioned last week replaced Karman with someone else original to the manga. Since he didn’t exist in the manga version the manga original character of the dog girl cafe owner was used and Keyaru simply took the others there to try the cake they sell while here they just follow how the story played out in the WN.

Does anyone even care? These threesomes are so overdone that they don’t even have an appeal anymore. More nudity of the same two characters we already had more than enough of. Why was the Blade part implied instead of shown which would had been new content but they had no issue shoving more of this stale shit at us? The scene is also insanely short like less than a minute which makes it feel half assed like they had some kind of quota to meet and just rushed it. So half assed and stale all in one. If they didn’t really care then that is all the more reason to use this runtime on something new like the Blade scene instead because even if that was the same length at least it would be fresh. Regardless after this scene Keyaru decides he can’t use Flare or the others as bait as they are his toys and he doesn’t want any of them to get broke.

Keyaru asks Flare to do his makeup as he uses his powers to turn himself into a girl. She does and he makes himself look like a girl which he will use to bait out Blade later.

On his way to the bar he gets attacked by some thugs and after not giving up after a warning he knocks all of them out. They don’t include the part from the WN where he drugs them after with a potion and then stores them in a deserted house for later which will be important for the Blade revenge part when we reach it next week.

Keyaru waits for Blade to enter the bar and starts talking to her. After drinking a lot he says he should be going as Blade asks her to drink one more as she spikes it with poison. When he tells her to drink it instead she does but then puts it in his mouth forcing him to drink it as he passes out from the poison.

As Blade is taking him back to her place she is attacked by an old man that fails to hit her. Keyaru wakes up and pretends to remain knocked out to watch as the guy tells Blade he is the father of the girl that Blade raped. When Blade starts listing off the names of some of her recent victims showing how many she has raped he gets pissed that she so casually doesn’t care as he runs towards her. Blade throws Keyaru at him by mistake but since he is really awake he is able to control his fall and knocks the guy out for his safety since he knows Blade would kill him easily.

Keyaru tells him not to worry as he will get the revenge he wants. An toned down change in all this is how Blade simply rapes her victims instead of killing them as well in some cases where she is too rough which cheapens her evil status which had made her upcoming revenge all the more better. In the manga version for example she mocks the guy’s dead daughter in front of him and laughs at how she was too weak for her and that is why she died. In short the anime makes Blade a rapist only instead of a rapist and murderer which even the WN acknowledges her as being.

Also something really worth pointing out here is that this entire segment is from the manga not the WN that they decided to include. In the WN after Keyaru is drugged he wakes up at Blade’s place but the manga includes the father coming out to attack Blade and Keyaru’s fight against her. So in this case the anime decided to adapt something from the manga instead of the WN.

Blade realizes that Keyaru can’t be a normal girl with the moves he has. So she assumes he is an assassin and she plans on interrogating him after she captures him. The two of them fight with her using her ragnarok sword which increases her strength and her regeneration due to being her hero weapon that Keyaru mentioned a few episodes ago. Due to this his attacks and poison attempts don’t work and he is eventually beaten and let’s himself get knocked out.

For some reason they cut away during the kiss. It’s really odd but right when it starts it cuts to something on the wall before switching back. I thought this was just going to be a censored thing removed in atx at first but no it’s still there as well.

After Keyaru wakes up Blade starts to do stuff to him and start her rape. When she reaches into his underwear though she discovers his dick which he still had on him even though he changed the rest of himself into a woman (the WN earlier even has him ponder fucking Flare and Setsuna in this form since he would still have his dick when they both showed attraction to that form).  This causes Blade to start freaking out because she touched a dick.

While she is distracted by puking over having touched a dick he gets out of his chains and slashes her stomach with a knife embedded in his shoe that had poison on it. The manga version of this part has him stabbing her in the back with a knife instead but the WN has the shoe knife like we have here. Since she doesn’t have her sword with her she isn’t able to heal herself from the poison so she tries to get to it only to be stopped by Keyaru. He then walks up to her and shoves his dick into her face to remind her of what she just did as tells her his revenge will now start as she passes out and the episode ends.



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Service wise this was a boring episode and is another in a string of boring service ones we have been getting for weeks now. For the past three episodes our service has consisted of the same boring threesome of Flare and Setsuna each time. Made worse when you consider it shouldn’t had been that way since last week we had the leopard girl scene removed and this week they had prime opportunity to give us the Blade rapes a random girl scene but they didn’t. Instead they seem to think giving us the same content week after week with the same girls somehow won’t get old real fast which it already did long ago. Since this episode ended on the start of the Blade revenge we should hopefully finally get something new next week. That is of course assuming they don’t tone it down or rush it so they can shove another Flare and Setsuna scene at us. Which the upcoming chapters in the WN do have more of so they certainly still have the content to do it again next episode if they choose.

Also there was something really strange about this episode and that was the few moments that felt like they still could had been censored. The Blade part with the girl for some reason cut away in a method that made it feel censored, then we had the Blade kiss suddenly cutting away as well, not only that even the threesome scene felt like the object panning that is usually there as censorship in the censored version was present even in the atx version for far longer than it has been in previous episodes where it was usually removed altogether. Thing is the BD has been mentioned by the company as being the same as the atx version so there shouldn’t be any changes here like you might think. Doubting any changes will come from this though but will be interesting to see if these are just strange oddities for this episode or have another meaning when the BD for this episode comes out months from now. With only two episodes left and the titles of both episodes already known it’s possible to guess how they may handle the rest of the show. Next week will be the rest of the Blade stuff and even though the title of the next episode features Norn I am doubting we will get to her scene yet.

Next week will probably consist of the Blade stuff and then what Norn causes to happen in the city and maybe the Hawkeye fight possibly. I’m guessing two possibilities with this. Either they end next episode after the fight and save the Norn revenge and some other odds and ends for the final episode. Or they might end right at the Hawkeye fight and push that into the final episode in order to give the final episode a final battle of sorts since the Hawkeye fight could be decent if they don’t rush it. That would then leave the Norn stuff and wrapping things up for the rest of the final episode. That is also of course assuming they don’t change things around and add some original stuff near the very end. Since they actually adapted stuff from the manga during a part of this episode we could see more changes like that resulting in events being different. But service wise based on the WN the stuff we have left is Blade’s scene, more Flare and Setsuna stuff we don’t need more of, Norn’s scene, and the Norn/Setsuna scene. After 3 weeks of having the same bland boring service with the same two people they really need to not mess up these scenes so this can finally have some variety instead of being the Flare/Setsuna show as the constant focus on them these past few weeks is really killing my interest.

The constant flare and setsuna stuff is why the manga cutting this out was good. Better to remove something then have such an overabundance of it that it succeeds in killing the entire appeal of it off. This is exactly why I’m not going to do that isekai harem manga that had an anime announced a bit back. I don’t want to cover a show where it is the same girl getting all the service each episode. This is why the r18 shows started to piss me off. I seriously hate how this shit has ruined the show for me as I am struggling to stay motivated when they keep forcing me to see the same shit each week.