Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 2


“I’ve got balls of steel”.


People were waiting for this to see just how far the show was willing to go. And turns out it doesn’t disappoint. Not only does it go all out and even adds some extra stuff not in the manga but other shows are looking like children’s programming with TNK showing themselves as having bigger balls than other studios.


Keyaru refuses to use his healing powers anymore as the pain and anguish he has to go through from doing it all the time is too much. Flare pretends to be concerned and tells him that even though he is suffering he is helping others who could go on to save thousands of lives thanks to him. He still refuses to use it anymore as she says that is fine and leaves as Keyaru knows she is just acting like she cares about him.

The maid then brings him in some tea telling him that Flare asked her to bring it to calm him down. He knows it is poisoned but drinks it anyway as he passes out. They changed this scene from the manga adaption slightly. In the manga Flare herself brings him the tea but here they changed it to the maid and though she is still bringing it due to Flare’s orders it seems like an odd change since having Flare do it herself came across as far more evil.

When he wakes up he is tied to a chair and beaten by Leonard the knight captain for not obeying Flare and doing the healing like he was told. Lenard’s design in this is actually much different looking from the manga which is actually an improvement. Keyaru remembers all the lynches he gets from him in the original timeline and knows he will get it again. After he is beaten the sage runs to give him some drugs which Keyaru knows are the drugs that will turn him into an addict causing him to lose his mine from them.

Kind of have to wonder if the guy was just like “I don’t want to suck his dick that’s gay but I’m fine drinking his cum so I’ll let you do it and take it” and then stole it from her before she swallowed as part of his plan or did they agree to share from the start.

From then on Keyaru is raped by both the men (not including pics of that for obvious reasons) and women of the castle endlessly and the drugs are used to both keep him under control and to make him cooperate if he wants more since he is now addicted. Flare visits him during this time and treats him like a dog and sees how obedient he is now thanks to the drugs.

I already said this last week but it’s a shame we aren’t getting specials on the BD. The constant reverse rape he underwent for the next 6 months would had made for the perfect specials.

Keyaru spends the next 6 months healing people during the day and getting raped at night while also being forced to take more and more of the drugs. During this time he makes sure to still steal everyone’s xp while healing them in order to continue growing stronger himself. Eventually though after those 6 months have passed he finally learns his resistance skill to the drugs which in the original timeline he didn’t learn till years later but this time thanks to him preparing by eating the poisonous mushrooms in the forest it paid off by letting him learn it early and thus regain his mind and who he was prior to the drugging.

He waits until a time when the king is away from the castle to start his plan. He uses the alchemy he had learned from healing others to destroy his chains and open the door and leaves. The manga actually has some more stuff here with him wandering the castle and dealing with the guards and even confronting the knight captain but in order to save time they rush this part and skip what I guess they consider filler.


After they discover that Keyaru has escaped everyone is searching the castle to find him. Leonard captures him and takes him to show Flare before he is taken back to the dungeon. Leonard then tells Flare that Keyaru said something that is important to the kingdom and that they need to talk about it in private. Flare agrees and lets him come to her room. Once he gets there he kills the guards with her before heading for her as well.

So there is actually something different here from the manga that I approve of. They replaced the maids with some random npc guard women instead. In the manga Flare goes to her room with the maids including the main one that we saw raping him before. He then kills both of those maids just like he does to the guards here. This kind of bothered me because sure I can see why he did it which we will get to in a bit but I mean maybe it’s bias because of liking reverse rape but if I was in that situation I would had simply knocked them out instead and erased their memories so I could add them to my party. Good looking assertive warrior maids are prime wife material so not killing that. And it seems like the director agreed and altered the scene to make it that the two he kills are npc nobodies that no one would miss. Killing the maids would had probably pissed people off if they fapped to them in the previous episode so this is a change that was really done for the better.

Someone has played Akiba’s Trip to know the most effective stripping methods.

Leonard attacks Flare sealing her magic so she can’t fight back before ripping her clothes off. He then shows her that he is really Keyaru and had used his healing powers to change what he looked like and switched places with Leonard. After he tells Flare he is going to get revenge for everything she tells him she only drugged him to help him so he didn’t suffer from healing. Keyaru knows that is a lie otherwise she wouldn’t had ordered him raped and beaten all the time.

He starts breaking her fingers first as she screams but because of the walls no one can hear it. He then offers her a deal and that if she can keep quiet the whole time while he breaks all of her fingers he will let her go. She agrees as he breaks all of them except for one left. He tells her after that last finger is broke she will win before using his healing powers to restore all her fingers so they can start again as the game doesn’t end till all the fingers are broke. This results in her finally screaming and winning free rape as her prize.

Dick slap.

He then gets ready to rape her but gives her the option of the hot rod from the fireplace or his dick as she chooses his dick as he makes her tell him how much she wants it. He then first orders her to get him aroused by fingering herself which she does. Even though he probably didn’t think of it this was a smart thing to make her do anyway because she is a princess so how do you know the king hasn’t put some kind of medieval fantasy magic bear trap chastity device inside her vagina to chop any dicks off.

After finishing up he tells her he is going to erase her memories and change her appearance so that she will be a completely different person now. As he uses his healing powers on her again.

He laughs at how he finally got his revenge as he leaves the castle with her. This is another skipped rush part which probably was done for time or maybe they just assume those watching read the source material. Instead of showing what he does to escape and his plan they just explain it really quickly stating that he turned a corpse into looking like Flare and framed Leonard for the murder while not going into as much detail as the source does though. But he escapes the castle after he uses his healing powers to change one of the female guards he killed earlier into looking like Flare’s dead body. In the manga this was the body of the one maid that raped him but since they change the maid to these guards they were used instead.

He thus makes it look like like Leonard was the one that killed Flare since after all he made sure to make that commotion earlier about needing to speak to her privately so everyone there will have known he was the last to go to her room before the fire and body was found. This results in his wanted poster appearing all over the place thus ruining him for good. Not only that the real Leonard is currently locked in the dungeon made to look like Keyaru so this not only ensures Leonard is never found but also that they think they still have Keyaru locked up enabling him to not have to worry about being hunted down. They rush through all of this and don’t go into details which is a shame as it establishes how Keyaru isn’t doing things without some kind of plan and has some intellect behind what he does.

After having escaped the castle he uses his magic to change his appearance as well to make sure he isn’t spotted either. In the manga however he actually did this back at the castle before jumping out the window. He then stops to think on his next move and how Bullet and Blade are the next targets and how he also wants to find the demon lord so he can try and learn what it is she wanted to protect that she mentioned before dying in the original timeline.

While thinking what he should do next, Flare wakes up confused on who she is. Keyaru tells her that her name is Freiya and that she lost her memories after she got sick while also telling her she is his attendant and loves him. He says she might get her memories back if they fuck like they always do and she agrees. Unfortunately the scene that is here in the manga is skipped. Mind you it’s not really that much of a scene but this is what the manga gives us..

My guess is that they skipped it due to time issues or maybe figured it wasn’t worth it due to how short and little is shown in it. Though considering they have been adding extra content this whole time there is no reason they couldn’t had expanded on this scene. Would be nice if they opened the next episode up with a new scene instead as a way to make up for removing this one or give some other original content later instead. The BD has nothing listed about extra scenes, length or anything else like that though so not expecting a change here to add it back in. Would be good if they did but not expecting it.

Afterwards Freiya says she still doesn’t have her memories back but she can feel it in her that he is someone she really does love. She then asks for his name as he tells her it’s Keyarga which is the new name he decides to go by from now on as he considers the old him gone. And with that the episode ends.



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If only TNK had been allowed to show off the balls they had here in stuff like senran or dxd and what that would had gotten us. People were worried that this adaption would be castrated completely but that wasn’t the case and TNK were willing to do what so many other studios are too scared to do. Too many studios are scared shitless to show something sexual on screen that is in the LN, manga, or VN they are adapting. But TNK was willing to avoid that cowardice and instead gave us full on rape and violence without giving any fucks and they deserve praise for that. Not only that they have so far had no issues with showing sex, blowjobs, fingering, and even cum. Any studio that has ever adapted something with sexual content they removed from said adaption are now looking completely spineless in comparison.

This is the stuff we need more of. A show that is adapted without fear or hesitation. A studio that isn’t scared of sexual content in anime. And so far this show has been something that we can hope sets off a trend making other production companies and studios step up and begin choosing to adapt more sexual manga and more importantly stop toning adaptions down. Really hoping this show does well to send that message. Now that we have seen what TNK is willing to keep in this episode there should be little worry for the rest of the show. Things are going to be tamer than this episode for a bit now but they will pick back up again later and we will get to see what TNK proved with this episode play out again.

Next episode is Setsuna’s arc and that means we will be getting two sex scenes with her coming up. Though how many we get next week will depend on how much of her arc they decide to cover in that episode. We will certainly get the first one and then based on if they rush through it or split it up into multiple episodes we will get the other either next week as well or in the week following next. Kind of expecting them to divide it into two episodes at least though. This episode also finished chapter 6 of the manga so if they keep up this pace the show will end up passing the manga’s length and go right into the LN’s content. Which would make sense as the manga is much slower than the LN is. There are 10 episodes left and this episode proved they are going to be something to look forward to with how TNK has handled things so far.

Sadly the reverse rape scenes end here. I will continuously hope for the day we get a show that is just endless reverse rape all the time. That should be the next fad. Eliminate moe and isekai anime floods and have all anime be themed around reverse rape instead. The world would be a better place for it. As a consolation this show at least has completely destroyed IR. Not only is the sex actually animated but you don’t get nasty shit like old woman nudity.  Hopefully future shows learn from healer instead of IR.