Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 3


Don’t drink from the well.


Surprisingly this episode had it’s pace slowed down a lot compared to the previous episodes. While the first two rushed through stuff as fast as it could they decided to take their time with this episode. This does have the drawback though of not having reached Setsuna’s scene this week. We do get some service though but this episode is the lowest so far in terms of amount as a result of focusing on story more this time.


Keyaru and Freiya are leaving the city so he can avoid being discovered and as they are leaving they see the wanted posters up searching for the captain whom he framed with Flare’s murder in the previous episode. As they hear the townspeople talking he hears them mention if Norn would return as he begins to worry since she was the only one in the previous timeline that was able to figure out he had regained his senses eventually back then. They then leave quickly as he wants to avoid having to encounter her at any point.

Flashback to the original timeline where Flare and the others just finished a battle congratulating each other’s powers while they then mock Keyaru for not having the ability to fight as he continues asking for more drugs. They then talk about the various things they do to him each day while pointing out that Bullet treats him the worst out of the three of them.

That night Flare pours the drugs that he is addicted to into her vagina in order to force Keyaru to eat her out in order to get it. After he finishes she notices he got hard from doing it and proceeds to step on his dick. Then she decides to take the drug potion and pour it on his dick in order to force him to suck his own dick in order to get it as she laughs at him. The self dick sucking part wasn’t in the manga so that was added in.

Blade sees Keyaru leaving Flare’s tent and proceeds to beat him out of jealousy. She then realizes that his mouth was just used on Flare so she can indirectly eat Flare’s pussy by using his mouth as she proceeds to kiss him and before throwing up afterwards as she is disgusted in men. Interestingly in the manga she simply beats him and that is it. So the her kissing him and fingering herself while doing it was additional. When Keyaru gets back to his tent Bullet is waiting for him as he proceeds to rape Keyaru and choke him till he passes out.

Keyaru wakes up from the nightmare he was having and sees Freyia worried about him. It’s implied he fucks her after this but sadly they don’t use this chance to show it and just skip past it which would had made up for skipping the scene between them last week if they showed it. Her being naked here though is a difference from the manga where in that she is clothed and they just go back to sleep after instead. Keyaru goes outside the tent afterwards to think to himself and is glad he had that nightmare as it reminded him what his goal is and to not forget it with Blade and Bullet being next on his list to go after.

The author must have realized the same thing others have realized while playing OoT and that is this same thing occurs in the well. The well in¬†kakariko village in ocarina of time is presumably their main water supply. And you know what is at the bottom of that well. Which means all the villagers are drinking water seeped in dead rotting corpses and everything else down there including Dead Hand. Or you can just go to the nearby river outside and get your water from zora’s domain instead which is filtered by flowing through king zora’s ass.

They arrive at a new town which Keyaru notes is filled with criminal activity and other shady things. While there they notice a lot of the people are sick and after stopping to get food Keyaru notices the water is poisoned using his eye powers. He concludes that dead monsters must be in the water source resulting in the poison and while the food is safe since it is cooked the water is not and results in some bad symptoms that everyone is starting to show. They skip past a scene in the manga where they collect some herbs before getting to the town with plans to use them to make potions to sell to earn gold. The restaurant scene however is new instead. Originally he learns about the poison water by seeing it in a pitcher in their room at the inn while in the anime they discover it while out eating.

Keyaru gets an idea and later drinks the water himself in order to allow his body to create antibodies to fight it off and then using a combination of his healing magic he is able to create a cure. After creating an antidote they head off into the town and using his powers he is able to find a rich merchant whom he can tell is already infected so he can sell it to him. In the manga they actually get attacked by some bandits here and he fights them off but they skip past this scene. After talking with the merchant he is able to convince him the antidote works by having his assistant try it and is cured with the merchant himself trying it next and now believes him. Keyaru refuses to tell him the recipe but instead offers to sell him 28 vials of it at one gold each.

They don’t bring this up in the anime which is kind of an important detail to skip but the manga mentions the worth of one gold coin showing this isn’t some small amount. At first glance 28 gold seems really low especially if you are used to rpg standards but the manga has Keyaru mention that one gold coin is equal to 1 and a half month’s amount of work. So he just got payment equal to 3 and a half years worth of work. After getting his money he tells the merchant he will make more later and he can name the price then and he will require half of all the profits he makes selling it also as they leave.

Wish he had bought the one in the middle cage with a red top instead. Just have to fix her derpy eyes.Look at her eyes they are looking right at him in both scenes. You just know that female bodyguard plans on raping their new wolfguy slave every night.

Freiya asks why they aren’t selling the antidotes themselves as he tells her it is easier to let a merchant who knows what they are doing do it instead and he also wants to keep a low profile since if people knew he could make the medicine they might come after them. They then arrive at a slave house as Keyaru convinces her that they need to buy a slave as they would be more useful in their pursuit to save the world.¬†After meeting the slave trader he hands them money and asks to buy a combat slave as he is taken to see the options.

There is something that was mentioned in the scene that the anime skipped earlier that is relevant to this part and since the anime doesn’t bring it up it results in some context to Keyaru and Freiya’s conversation missing. In the manga when they go to collect herbs before entering the city, Keyaru tells Freiya they are on a quest to save the world and she believes it which he uses to convince her of everything they have to do and why. He also brings up the subject of needing companions to help them since they are both support roles and need someone stronger and that is why they are heading to the city in the first place since it is a hub for adventurers for them to find to recruit. The anime having skipped over it makes their conversation here seem odd but in short Keyaru tells Freiya that are saving the world and came to the city to get more party members in pursuit of that goal.

After not seeing any that he likes he asks if there are any more as the trader tells him only the sick and broken ones which he wants to see next.

He sees an ice wolf as the trader tells him she was going to be a sex slave but was considered too violent and was deemed beyond repair. He is also told that her level is already maxed out so she would be worthless as a combat slave. Keyaru checks her stats and sees that she is currently unable to get stronger but that she is also strong enough to still move about as much as she is despite having been poisoned as well.

Looking at her and her behavior he realizes she must have someone out there she hates and wants revenge on just like him. He says he will help her get her revenge against these people if she works with him as she passes out. He tells the slave trader she is the one he wants and buys her. Meanwhile we then see things back at the castle and the sage checks the stats on the Keyaru they have captured and sees that it is not really him but the knight captain instead as the episode ends.



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This episode really slowed things down considerably compared to the previous episodes. The first two episodes had covered around 3 chapters of the manga each episode. This one however only covered chapter 7 and a very small part of chapter 8 like only a handful of pages. So we went from around 3 chapters each to just slightly over 1 with this episode. There were also some minor scenes here and there removed as well making it that even after shortening it they still only covered this much. Is this going to be a common occurrence from this point on or was it a one time thing? Interestingly the scene at the end of this episode with the castle discovering Keyaru switched places was moved to here when it doesn’t occur in the manga for a few more chapters. So this makes me wonder if next episode is going to be massively rushed or not to make up for this episode being so slow and have it catch up to that point where that is supposed to occur.

Setsuna’s arc has two sex scenes in it with the first being probably at the early part of the next episode but as for the second one that is hard to pinpoint now since there is a bunch of stuff inbetween till then but there is no way to tell if they will continue at this pace or go back to the pace they previously used to determine when we reach it. Ideally I’m hoping they just zoom through the battle parts coming up so they can reach this for the end of the next episode but after the pace in this episode it is entirely possible they will take their time and it gets pushed into the episode after.

Service wise we did get the flashback scene and they did add some extra stuff during it and to the part after so it’s good to see they are still adding extra service occasionally when they can and also still going the extremes while at it as well. A shame that we have to wait another week to get Setsuna’s stuff as others myself included were probably expecting it this week only to be given a curveball when they decided to slow the plot down compared to the other episodes and not reach it. At least this means next episode should make up for this episode being tamer since even if we don’t reach her second scene also we still get that first one and since they have been adding extra stuff in the show we can hope they will maybe go all out with it. So next week we have wolf girl sex to look forward to now.

He should had added a homemade aphrodisiac he made using his alchemy to the antidotes instead but make it that it only effects women and give the antidotes out for free. Thus you would create an entire city filled with female rapists. That should be the ultimate goal. To fill the world with reverse rape. Make it that his time getting raped by the maids made him see the truth and that the world needs more reverse rape as he makes it his quest to spread it.