Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 4


Training your dog with semen.


This week covers the rest of the Setsuna arc and they do succeed in fitting it all into this episode. Which means we get both of her sex scenes this time. So unlike last week which went slower they speed things up slightly again here.


After buying Setsuna he leaves the slave market as the dealer tells him if he wants more ice tribe wolves they should be getting a new shipment in soon. After getting back to their room Keyaru heals her and gives her the potion to cure her as he sees her memories from the healing and how her tribe was attacked and her friends killed and she was captured. Keyaru mentions how it was the kingdom’s army that did it while disguised as mercenaries. He brings up how he learned about how the kingdom does this when he used his powers on Leonard earlier (the anime skipped showing that part when it actually happened). When Freiya gets angry at learning about this Keyaru finds amusement in how he will be making her help in killing her own soldiers.

Due to meeting Keyaru he decides to study science and becomes an expert on Genome Theory. He will use his gold to form a financial group which then funds Dr. Curien’s experiments. And on February 26th 2000 he will release creatures onto an unsuspecting city leading to AMS agents being sent in.

While they leave Setsuna to rest they go to meet with the merchant from before and collect their payment of 10 gold per potion. Keyaru mentions how odd it was that they weren’t tricked but at least they have a bunch of gold now. When they get back he tries to give Setsuna more of the potion as she wakes up and attacks him. Freiya yells at her telling her that Keyaru saved her and was just trying to help. After she realizes that she is no longer sick or injured she thanks them and tells them her name is Setsuna. Keyaru uses this time to ask Freiya to go out to get food for dinner as she leaves.

Setsuna uses this time to try and escape by attacking Keyaru only for him to stop her and hold her down. He tells her he is just an alchemist and if even he is able to stop her she will never be strong enough to get her revenge on the soldiers she hates. He tells her that he knows her village is about to be attacked soon and he can help her get revenge by using his abilities as a hero to increase her level and let her get stronger. He says he saw into her memories and knows how she is unable to get strong despite all her efforts and he will fix it. She realizes this is how she can get her revenge so she agrees and even agrees that she will tell him her real name since for her tribe telling someone their real name means they will forever be in your possession. Keyaru then takes his clothes off so he can increase her level.

He tells her that if she wants a future where she is stronger she needs to make the effort herself to get it and gives her a choice on what to do. She agrees that she will do what is needed to get stronger and sucks his dick.


After she swallows his semen he tells her they need to do it directly as well. Setsuna says that she doesn’t know what to do and he does it himself and fucks her. This part of the scene is majorly different from the manga and actually annoys me as a result for a few reasons. So here is the scene from the manga which you can tell instantly what the difference is.

Why would you change a superior girl on top scene to boring missionary. The anime ended up making her innocent and inexperienced so they probably did it for that purpose. However to me this really messes with the narrative when you take something into consideration. This scene let Keyaru see how determined she was in her revenge and the lengths she would go to do it. Which is why he told her it was all her choice and didn’t force her into anything. He wanted her to make that choice fully on her own to see if she was that serious about her revenge. The manga did the scene better because it showed that she was so determined to kill the people that attacked her village that regardless of her innocence or not she was going to do all she can to get as much semen from Keyaru as she could. Her going full enthusiastic and riding his dick as hard as she could really demonstrated how much she wanted that revenge while making her submissive and shy here cheapens it like she isn’t into it as much as she should be despite knowing doing this will make her stronger which makes her revenge desire seem smaller.

Her being the dominate one during it showed determination in her revenge and how much she really wanted it so she could become stronger. While having Keyaru do all the work instead simply makes it seem that she accepted what needed to be done in a “can’t be helped” way and went through with it for that reason. Someone doing something to themselves voluntarily by their choice versus letting you do it to them instead creates a different tone. Feels like a change that really lessens how determined Setsuna was.

They arrive at Setsuna’s village and see the soldiers attacking and trying to bait more of her kind out. Keyaru tells her to wait and to let him and Freiya thin the numbers first before he gives her the command to start her revenge. So she waits behind as he jumps into the fight wearing a mask.

After appearing in front of the soldiers he announces his intention to stop them. As he fights them using the skills he learned from Kureha back when he healed her the soldiers start to panic having recognized those sword movements. Eventually he gives Setsuna the okay to attack as he watches as she kills the soldiers while smiling. He also notes how different Freiya is now and she was willing to kill even her own soldiers to stop them from doing something wrong. It’s at that point he starts to wonder if Flare was really only bad because of the kingdom where she was raised making her that way since the Flare now after he wiped her memories is devoid of this corruption. It’s then when he starts to think it’s the country that is trash and he should be working to destroy it as well as part of his revenge especially after stuff like this village attack proves how terrible the kingdom is.

After killing all the soldiers and saving the village they all have a party. During this Keyaru finds the source of the poison and realizes it was the ice wolf tribe doing it as part of their revenge against the humans that attacked their village earlier back when Setsuna was captured. Keyaru asks Setsuna if she would want him to cure the water turning it into medicine to save everyone or make the poison stronger ensuring everyone at the city is killed. She decides to let him cure it instead so innocents don’t suffer that had nothing to do with her village’s attack.

They actually change this scene’s order around. In the manga he fucks Setsuna again and then they find the water. Here it is the other way around with them going to the water first. There is however some inner monologue from Keyaru at this point that the anime doesn’t have which to me is a really important detail that should had been left in. While at the water he thinks about how he has both Flare and Setsuna at his command and says something really and I mean really important. I’ll just post the page.

This is something they really should not had cut out. It answers a complaint some people have about the plot of the series. People complain about his revenge and how what he did to Flare isn’t as bad as it should be and is flawed since she is now a new person that isn’t suffering and had her memories wiped. People expect some kind of instant gratification form of revenge when the series has shown it wants to play the long game. Keyaru allowed himself to get abused again for 6 months before being able to start his revenge making it obvious he is willing to take his time which is what this scene confirms in regards to Flare. It is why earlier in the episode he became amused at the idea of having her kill her own soldiers as he started to realize he can pile on a large amount of actions she would be against onto her new character. He wants her to commit as many disgusting acts she would hate as he can so it will all hit her at once when she does get her memory back.

It is actually poetic justice and is probably what the author is going for. Keyaru had to experience all the memories of others and their suffering all at once each time he healed them which damaged his mind. Flare was unsympathetic to this and treated him like shit over it. He is now slowly prepping up to do the same thing to her. When her memories return either on her own or by him restoring them when he no longer has a use for her she will essentially experience what he went through but worse as it will be her own suffering she will experience all at once and possibly years worth. She will have a huge amount of memories hit her of all the stuff she did and helped with which would serve as the ultimate revenge against her.  Chances are he will wait to do this after she is no longer of any use and has completed all he wants done. Thus he would have no reservations about killing her after so she can die in agony with her last thoughts being of what she did this whole time.

Seriously don’t get why they removed this scene since even though many people have been able to figure it out on their own that he is probably planning on restoring her memories later on there are still a bunch that don’t and this scene essentially implies outright that is his intention this whole time. Flare is essentially the “final boss” so playing this long game does work as the best conclusion since she will be both the first and last person he gets revenge on this way. In short every single second Flare is Freiya is part of his revenge building up to a big payoff one day.

Looks like Keyaru picked the touch fluffy tail choice in Monster Girl Quest when meeting Tamamo. 

After curing the water he fucks Setsuna again as she tells him how much stronger she wants to get and for him to keep increasing her level. She also admits that she liked killing people and she doesn’t want it done with poison but with her own hands instead showing how he has succeeded in corrupting her. During this she tells him her real name but we don’t hear it and even in the manga they just show it as some made up language as well. Afterwards Keyaru thinks about how he has Setsuna as his loyal follower for life now that she told him her real name. He then ponders what to do next since even though he wants to go after Blade and Bullet he has other things he wants to do also and the world is his to freely do to it what he wants.

Back at the castle the king is meeting with Leonard who still looks like Keyaru because of what he did to him before escaping. The king threatens to kill him blaming him for Flare’s death but decides he will give him a chance to save himself by hunting down and capturing Keyaru. Leonard agrees and swears he will find him as Norn watches after having just gotten back to the castle as the episode ends.



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Though the pace wasn’t as fast as the first two episodes it was faster than the previous which allowed us to finish the Setsuna arc now. We got both sex scenes during this episode but one thing to note is that this episode now demonstrated that we can’t rely on what the manga’s version of the sex scenes are to be the same in the anime. Up until this point they generally remained the same but now we saw Setsuna’s first one was changed from the how it was in the manga. So now there is no telling if the same thing will apply to others be it for better or worse. Hopefully this means there is a chance of them potentially adding some anime original ones in at some point as well if they are doing changes like that.

Next episode is Kureha’s arc based on the title and the next chapter. The question is how much of it will we get to next week. After they went slow with the first part of Setsuna’s arc last week they could end up doing the same thing here with Kureha as well splitting it into two episodes. We should get the threesome scene between Flare and Setsuna next week but as for if we get anything after with Kureha will all depend on how fast they go through it. The title is get’s a new toy which implies they might reach the end of it but last week’s episode was called buys a slave and that only applied to the last minute or so of the episode so can’t fully gauge an episode’s contents based on the title. In short I see two potential ways the next episode could be handled depending on what pace they go with.

In terms of events we will need to get through the threesome scene with those two, some plot stuff with Leonard, some stuff in the city with the merchant, the fight with Kureha, and then her scene. That seems like a lot to cover in one episode so unless they skip or rush through it I don’t want to say for sure if we will get Kureha service next week or not. If they go at a slower rate then I could see them maybe potentially ending it after he captures her and then save her scene for the following week which would also make sense if they were possibly trying to space the service out to ensure they have some each episode. However if they go the fast pace then we may very well have the episode end right after Kureha joins them and he fucks her. So for next week we get more Flare and Setsuna content and maybe if we are lucky they will reach Kureha’s scene otherwise we will have to wait another week.

Since they changed Setsuna’s scene this week that better mean they change the position for Kureha in her scene for next week. I will consider the change to Setsuna’s acceptable if this means the make Kureha’s scene a girl on top scene next week instead taking Setsuna’s as a result. But it probably won’t be and they will keep it the same as the manga.