Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 7


Spilling blood and semen.


Initially it almost seemed like we would go an entire episode without any service but thankfully they do manage to reach the threesome scene near the end. And I mean like the very last 2 or so minutes of the episode so if that is what you are after that is where to look as the rest of the episode focuses on the story instead.


Are these women or crossdressing men? The fuck is this. Did they get whoever designed the amazon’s new look in the diablo 2 remaster to work on the faces? I refuse to believe some of those aren’t men in dresses with stuffed bras.

Think how fucked Ed would be if Scar had been replaced with Keyaru.

Keyaru jumps down to the arena so he can fight the soldiers to save the villagers. After killing some as they attack him when he refuses to surrender the executioner threatens to start killing the villagers if he comes any closer.

The executioner then gives the order to kill the villagers as 4 are killed as Keyaru stops the 5th from being killed by killing one of the soldiers. When the executioner threatens him that he will kill more Keyaru says it doesn’t matter as killing them won’t stop him from getting revenge. He gives the order to kill more as Keyaru tells them that he now has no choice but to kill everyone if he wants to save the villagers. After he kills more soldiers that try to attack him the executioner gives the order to activate the barrier which will trap Keyaru and drain his magic. After this happens they notice something is wrong as all the soldiers start exploding till they realize the necklaces they have on that are supposed to protect them from the barrier are doing the reverse as Keyaru tells them he changed the way the barrier functioned. As the executioner gives the order to kill all the villagers, Keyaru says he will kill those who turn to kill the villagers first in order to save them if he has to which results in the soldiers stopping too scared to do it.

The stuff they skipped last last week was important to explaining everything that happened here. Last episode they cut out the part about Keyaru sneaking in at night and using his powers to reverse how the barrier functions and have it set to do things to the necklaces everyone would be wearing instead. Since they skipped this it just looks like he pulled this plan out of his ass instead of doing stuff in advance.

As Keyaru gets ready to save the villagers he notices they are all dead already from poison as he realizes they had did this on purpose and had plans to kill all of them regardless of what happened. The executioner denies having done it as Keyaru thinks how the only person that would be willing to do something like this is Norn. The skipping in the flashback from last week really would had been important here since that scene with Norn showed her fascination with poison and the lengths she would go which is why he was able to conclude it was Norn that did this so without that scene giving that information it makes it seem like he magically knows for plot reasons when in reality there is a reason he is able to figure out it was her.  Also surprised they didn’t use this to try to explain Anna’s death since due to them changing it last episode they didn’t really give a reason for it and this would had been the perfect thing to tie it together since they were doing anime original changes with it.

After Keyaru says he will kill everyone there after seeing all the villagers dead they then get interrupted by Flare appearing as a hologram that she is projecting from another room in the arena. She tells everyone she is alive and was saved by Keyaru after the kingdom tried to have her killed for going against all the evil things she learned as she tells everyone about how the kingdom attacks demi humans to take as slaves and brands other villages as heretics such as Keyaru’s that they deem a problem and that the current war with magical beings is only for profit.

After the executioner tells everyone that it is fake she begins to sing the kingdom’s anthem as well as casting one of her spells which convinces everyone that she is real. She tells everyone to help fight the kingdom or else they might be the ones killed next like Keyaru’s village and asks for everyone to help her stop the kingdom. Keyaru mentions how this was the thing he needed as now people all over will start to rebel against the kingdom without him needing to do anything else as it spreads all over. He then uses the explosion from Flare’s spell to escape while the people storm the arena and kill the executioner and soldiers.

This entire scene was different from what the manga gave of it. For starters the vice captain of the knights was removed. In the manga and web novel he is the one that first interrupts and tells everyone about the kingdom being evil on a screen after meeting with Flare. When they try to pass it off as a lie is when Flare gets on screen to confirm it is true. After this is when the vice knight captain tries to kill Flare because of his loyalty to Leonard coming first above her’s. This results in a fight between Flare and Setsuna and the vice captain leading to them cutting off the screen only to come back later after beating him. I assume they did this for time reasons but also since they skipped all the training scenes with them where they use that training in this fight they probably didn’t want to bother having the scene in here.

Keyaru meets up with the others and has managed to save only one of the villagers which is a boy. He then calls Goldman whom he pays with a bunch of gold and asks him to take care of the boy. Along with that he also asks him to not tell the boy the truth and let him continue thinking that he was responsible for everyone dying since this will result in the boy wanting revenge which he considers good and will make him stronger. In the manga this scene just consists of Keyaru meeting the others as Flare says they had no choice but to kill the vice captain as Keyaru tells them it’s fine since they were going to do so anyway after being done with him.

Even though this scene with the boy isn’t in the web novel or manga there actually is some prep work for it to had potentially occurred which the anime skips over entirely. In the web novel prior to the stuff at the arena Keyaru mentions getting help from the merchant that he had been dealing with to take care of the villagers after he rescues them. The reason for this is that he has made the merchant indebted to him because he saved him after his superiors were planning to kill him after the whole potion thing from before that the anime did address at the time where the recipe would be impossible for them to replicate. The anime does allude to this in this scene when it says Keyaru saved goldman but doesn’t give any kind of explanation so you would need to put two and two together and figure it was in reference to the trap Keyaru himself put goldman in earlier.

The stuff with the boy was not in the manga at all or even the web novel and seems to be more anime original content as it is mentioned specifically in the web novel that Keyaru couldn’t save even one villager and the rescue was a complete failure while here he does manage to save at least one.  The odd thing though is why bother with this in the first place unless they are planning on some other changes later on featuring it. We saw the boy in the previous episode with him even having spoken dialogue and this episode focused the camera on him a lot and using the whole “I want him to seek revenge against me” plot point seems like something too important to just bring up and have amount to nothing. So we might end up seeing this stuff come into play later due to these changes.

After they meet with Kureha she tells them that Norn is planning something big at Branica the city where demihumans and normal humans live and that there are a lot of soldiers there as a result and to avoid the place. Keyaru thanks her and asks her to keep gathering information on the kingdom as the rest of them leave the city to head there anyway. Not only because he knows Norn will be there but also because he wants to meet the demon lord and the best place to do that will be at that city as they head off. He also thinks about how Norn conducting an expedition there didn’t happen in the original timeline meaning his actions have now altered things in a way that he has no way of predicting what is next now (and so knowing the original timeline no longer applies and not knowing what to expect now they leave midgar to chase sephiroth and end part 1 of the remake).

Norn talks about how she has now learned about Flare being alive and a traitor and she will have to punish her later. She also brings up how rebellions are now happening in various different cities and towns now but she will handle that by just letting the demons attack those places which will keep them too busy to cause any problems for the kingdom. When she is asked about her plans at the demihuman city she says she still intends to go through with it and recent events have made it all the more reason to do so.

They skip the scene with Blade here from the manga which shows her learning that Flare is still alive while also killing the girl she is raping.

No idea if they will just move this to next episode or if they really did skip it for real since this kind of is important to show how evil Blade is to establish her deserving what happens to her later. They might had just maybe moved it to be at the start of the next episode before the opening plays maybe.

Wish he had started to hallucinate about Anna during this because of the villagers and saw Flare as looking like her in his mind making it look like a scene with her.

We then get the threesome scene at the tent while they are on their way to the next city. During this Keyaru asks Flare if she is okay with killing people as she tells him she doesn’t care since she will do anything for him because she loves him. He then thinks about how even though he wiped her memories her personality of looking down on others as worthless is still there since she has no problem with killing people. Afterwards Keyaru thinks about how he has both Flare and Setsuna to use as his toys and wonders what he has to look forward to next in Branica as the episode ends.



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After rushing through the previous chapters the pacing was slowed down again for this episode. Fortunately despite this they were still able to reach some service content near the end to prevent it from being barren. Also even though they took their time with this episode they still skipped some content and even modified it such as removing the vice captain and the addition of saving the one boy when originally Keyaru fails to save anyone. The positive of these changes though is that it seems it saved time which was then used for the threesome scene near the end since it felt longer than the previous scenes we were getting. Not to mention it continues with the trend of demonstrating that this show has more balls than other shows do with it’s willingness to show so much on screen sex which other shows really should be taking notes from. Also on top of that it felt like Flare in her new form finally got a more dedicated scene which we hadn’t really gotten at this point. The first scene after her transformation was off screen and any scenes after that with her involved Setsuna being involved but here Setsuna finishes early on and then the rest is all of Flare only.

We should potentially be getting more Setsuna content though depending on what they do with the next episode. The next episode is when we will finally get to Eve and during that part there are a few potential scenes we could get next week. The first is when she wakes up and sees Keyaru and Setsuna fucking so they may potentially have that scene next week especially since it is used to tell her about how he can increase the level of others. Then there is the Blade scene which they skipped this week but could easily just had been rearranged. It’s not long or anything but since it shows how bad Blade is it would be odd to skip it entirely and not give a representation of her behavior. Finally and this is the one that interests me the most because of the potential the anime has shown so far with expanding content and that is with the cheetah assassin.

It all depends on how far they reach or if they take things slow but we might reach the point where they get attacked by a cheetah girl and the interesting thing about that is in the manga the scene with her is skipped. He beats her and then plans on brainwashing her but only has his aphrodisiac to use on her as it cuts away and returns showing her pretty much mindbroken afterwards. Really curious if the anime will expand on this and give us an actual scene of it or if they will skip it entirely. Seems like the scene that would be the most perfect for the usual long panning camera on an object scene that we get in the censored version. Only 5 episodes left and considering what we have seen so far with pacing they probably really will be able to reach Blade and Norn’s scenes in that remaining time.

If they do give the cheetah girl a scene I hope they change it that she isn’t tied up and he instead lets her have her way with him but probably not. In the manga it shows she was still tied up after he gave her the potion. If it were me I would had gave it to her and let her rape me afterwards but that should be a given coming from me.