Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 8


Saving a demon lord.


Just like last week nearly all of the service for this episode is near the very end. Other than that this episode also like last week’s had a slower pace so it could focus on story more. But we do get Eve finally added in and hopefully content with her soon.


Keyaru is using his powers to repair Flare’s staff as he thinks about how he really needs to find one that can withstand her magic power. He remembers the holy armaments that the heroes are granted in the form of a gem which would change into a weapon suitable for that hero which is what she as well as the others had before in the previous timeline. He however has yet to be given one yet and wonders that should he ever get one of those gems what his weapon would be and how he wants to get one at some point as he continues to look forward to his revenge on Blade and Bullet. Since they are bringing up these details that probably serves as more foreshadowing that they do plan on getting through at least the Norn content. The reason being that all this stuff about him getting one of these weapons and wondering what he will get when he does get one plays into both the Blade and Norn stuff later on.

After arriving at Branica they decide to get something to eat as Keyaru tells them the city used to be under control of the Gioral kingdom but then was abandoned and deserted by them during a war 20 years ago when demons gained the advantage and took over. Since it was a border city the kingdom didn’t care and just abandoned the people to the demons with no intention on saving them in the first place. But the city wasn’t destroyed by the demons in the end and instead became a place where both live peacefully but he doesn’t know how that happened. When they get to a restaurant they are told they have to share a table because it is so crowded and they are sat with a guy and a demon.

As they talk with the two people at the table they ask about the city and learn the lord of the city was able to negotiate with the demons and that lead to both of them being able to coexist together. The demons taught humans new things they could do with magic while the demons themselves liked human culture and entertainment and so they decided to help each other out. The demons also need blood to eat and so the city also has a rule that you can pay your taxes with either gold or blood instead and this setup allows everyone to be happy and live together. All the more reason to move to a succubus/human town where paying taxes wouldn’t be in blood but getting free rape from succubi.

Times like this make me wish this didn’t have a serious story and was just about going around fucking everyone he meets in hopes we’d get stuff of that waitress. A crime we won’t.

The waitress then asks them if they can have someone else come by to sit at the table as they agree. When Keyaru looks at her he realizes she is the demon lord from before but she looks different since this must be what she was like 4 years before she became the new one.¬†Flare after hearing about how the town works says that if the kingdom knew about this city they would want it destroyed because of the demons there. They tell her not to worry since even though there may be some demons that hate humans they are still ruled by the demon lord so they shouldn’t have any issues as everything stays in check. When they say they don’t know what the demon lord looks like and can only imagine it they are told by Keyaru that he has met the demon lord before. He points at the girl that joined them and says it’s her as everyone thinks he is joking.

When asked what the demon lord looks like he described them as having red eyes and black wings and silver hair. The guys at the table tell him that would be impossible since that matches the description of the black wing tribe and that the current demon lord has a bounty up for their race and will pay a huge amount of money for killing one that if one were to be discovered it would cause a huge fight to get them.

After the girl finishes eating she goes to leave just as Keyaru tells her to use all her magic to block the incoming attack as he noticed it just as the room gets hit with magic. When everyone blocks it he notes how it took both Flare and Setsuna together to barely block their’s while she is able to block the whole thing herself with little effort showing how strong she is.

After they block the attack, Keyaru says it was a distraction and that the people attacking must had been waiting for her as he sees she was hit with a paralyzing dart when distracted by the magic. As she falls unable to move he offers to help her if she wants to hire him. With no choice she accepts as he gets ready to fight the bounty hunters.

After he kills one of them they escape with her as they find a place to hide. He sends Flare and Setsuna out to look around while he talks with her. When she asks why he is helping her he tells her he met a demon lord that was part of the black wing tribe and wanted to meet her again. When she says it’s been 30 years since the previous lord was someone from that tribe and there is no way he is old enough is when he tells her he meant her from the future. He says he has knowledge of the future thanks to his eye power and she will be the new demon lord in 4 years. When she doesn’t believe him he shows her that he is really a hero to prove it with his mark.

When she finds out he is a hero she gets ready to fight since heros are trying to kill the demon lord and demons as he tells her he doesn’t want to fight and wants demons and humans to exist together and helping her will lead him to that goal. He also calls her Eve showing that he even knows her name like he said. He says how he wants to help her become the new demon lord as she turns him down and starts to leave. He reminds her of what happened earlier and that the rest of the bounty hunters are still out there and also that she is too weak in some aspects and he can help her make up for what she is lacking with himself. Not only that the current demon lord is trying to wipe out her race and he knows she wants revenge and that the souls of those in her race that were killed are in her wings so he wants to help her get that revenge. When she asks what he has to gain in all of this he tells her he only wants the demon lord’s heart which is the philosopher’s stone. But he doesn’t want her’s but just the current demon lord’s when they kill him. She tells him she will think about it and will give an answer tomorrow.

Insert my rant about hating when cameras show a back view during sex scenes instead of from the front because I’m a breast man.

Eve wakes up and sees him fucking both Flare and Setsuna. They actually added more content to this scene here by including Flare in it. In both the WN and manga it is only Setsuna while Flare is still asleep but here they changed it so that she is awake and taking part. He tells Eve this is their normal routine as she starts to panic asking if that is what he wants her for. He says he isn’t the type to force women but if she wants to he will fuck her as well as she turns him down. As she gets embarrassed about seeing everything he calls her a child as she tells him she isn’t and she is an adult and could do that same stuff as well if she really wanted. As a result he stops fucking the others and goes up to her and asks her to prove it then as the episode ends.




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Another story focused episode this week with it spending most of it’s time on the plot. This meant there wasn’t as much skipped as a result and only some conversations and such rearranged but nothing major. But taking things slow results in us taking longer to get to the important parts everyone wants as a downside. They did fortunately expand upon those important parts when they did happen this week by adding Flare into the scene so we did get something extra there. However just like last week most of that was contained to the last minute or so of the episode so hopefully this doesn’t remain the trend for the rest of the show. Since they took this episode so slow that means the leopard/cheetah girl will probably be next week now which could be the main scene for the next episode. There is also the possible scene with Eve that they might keep in but also expand upon.

The way this episode ends could be setting up for the next episode to start with a scene involving Eve that is in the WN. Interestingly the manga skips it altogether so hopefully the anime doesn’t follow in it’s steps and do the same thing. In short though it does say in the WN that Keyaru “plays” with Eve in the next scene but it doesn’t go into much details on the extent of that “play”. It just states that he stops after she starts crying for her mom. So as for what we will get from this scene will all depend on what they decide on for the anime. Like I said the manga skips it but the WN has it and we have seen some changes made here and there so it’s hard to say if they will also skip it like the manga or include it but maybe expand upon or change how it plays out. Won’t really know till next week.

Then there is the scene with the leopard girl which will have the most potential for what they could do. Both the manga and WN kind of rush past it and don’t really give us much so will be interesting to see what the anime does. In both the WN and manga we are simply told the end result of what he does to her but not actually shown or described it in great detail. So this will be a good opportunity for the anime to really go all out with original content for that part. Hopefully both these scenes remain in and happen next week so we can get back to having service in the whole episode instead of only near the very end like the past two weeks.

The waitress looks like a alternate version of tabby from .hack almost. All the more reason she should get content. Next week we should get the cafe shop owner as well appearing. It should be illegal to make characters with good designs if you aren’t going to give them content. Like I said wish this was a full coomer series instead of a serious one so we could be ensured everyone gets content. Little chance but would really like it if an ova was made and it found a way to throw all the random npcs in and give them stuff.