Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Hot girls Straddling Atop Jet Skis needs to be an official sport pronto

Every ecchi anime needs an excuse to put very attractive girls in very compromising positions. Jet Girls gets creative by introducing a water sport that is 1) only populated by female duos wearing skin tight bodysuits and 2) seems to revolve around the gradual removal of clothing to achieve victory.

I’m in.

Opening Sequence:

The highlight of the opening, aside from the super hot embrace between our main characters, is the  showcasing of each duo. There are at least six pairings that will be competing against one another and they all have fairly unique designs to set them apart. This certainly helps with the process of prematurely picking out a best girl.

Episode 01:

The first scene is dedicated to explaining why our leading character, Rin Namaki, dreams of becoming a successful Jet ski racer – taking after the legendary career of her famous mother. We are then given a snapshot into the future where she does achieve that dream with her future partner, Misa Aoi

but this sweet intro quickly turns sour as we enter the present time where Rin’s mother is now deceased.  It’s a total bummer that the mother isn’t a major part of future episodes considering how hot she is, but thankfully Aoi delivers a handful of great fanservice shots to keep the mood fun.


Rin makes a decision to leave her hometown to pursue her dream of being a Jet ski racer. Once arriving in Tokyo she immediately encounters a bunch of cute girls, including her future partner, and it’s here that the fun really starts

Apparently Rin has the endurance of a super soldier. Her general tendency to throw caution to the wind to follow her impulses is a very endearing trait.

Another plus to her likability, probably the most important  – her tits are huge.

One of many yuri overtines to be found in this anime. Hopefully they aren’t just for tease and we see some of the pairings actually act upon their obvious homoerotic impulses.

Super obnoxious ladder placement here. Hopefully the photoshop gods can remove it for us.

There’s no way to interpret this scene as other than Rin not so subtly asking her roommate to join her in bed. Wishful thinking that’ll happen this season.

Here is our first sign of a rival for the main pairing to defeat. An ojou-sama styled snob who orders our heroines to move from their practicing location. Predictably, Rin says hell naw and our first competitive match of Jet Ski racing ensues. but not before we get to see some sweet sweet uncensored nudity.

There is more fap material in this changing scene alone than every ecchi anime of the summer season combined. Be excited in more ways than one.

The race begins and we learn some details about how jet ski racing actually works, as well as how it functions to enhance the fanservice.

Evidently, the duos occupy different stations – one the shooter who is responsible for inflicting damage on competitors, and the other a driver who focuses on maneuvering the course.


This is legitimately one of the greatest sequences I’ve ever seen in a fanservice show. If the races maintain this quality then we’re in for a treat.

Ending and Preview Sequence:


It is exceedingly rare for a cute girls fanservice show to provide uncensored nudity, let alone for such to happen in the very first episode with previews all but confirming that it will continue. We have at least twelve female characters with unique designs, in a setting that guarantees intimacy by nature of the sport, and we’ll probably see them all topless. Not bad for a what is essentially a promotion for a video game to be released on PS4 next Spring.

I don’t think anyone expected Kandagawa Jet Girls to end the fanservice drought of 2019, yet here we are. We can expect nudity for at least two characters in the next episode – the Ojou sama and her partner, who seems to be that one girl with the impossibly massive tits that most ecchi anime contain. She would be my premature pick for best girl, so you can imagine my excitement. Can’t wait for episode two.