Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 5 Fanservice Review

The Return

Jet Girls is back after a short break due to production issues. This episode marks the first nipple sighting not heavily obscured by bathwater and/or steam in three weeks – yay! The yuri idol duo are officially introduced as racers and the American girls make another appearance.

The episode begins with Rin gushing over Misa after their first victory. She presents her teammate with a cartoonish team insignia to solidify their partnership. Misa blushes in embarrassment and shirks away.

as per usual, Rin cannot take no for an answer and jumps Misa’s bones. Someone is gonna report her for harassment one day.

Later that day, Rin watches the idol girls perform with her dormmates. Misa pouts and avoids them. Perhaps some mock Jet Racing will raise her spirits.

We get a gratuitous ass shot from Rin, but the simulation machine turns out to be broken. Fortunately mechanic girl is around to assess the issue and help shop for parts. Maybe not fortunate for Misa who is jealous that another girl has Rin’s attention.

I needed several takes to be sure this wasn’t a headless stranger standing behind mechanic girl. We’ve yet to get any service from her yet, and may not ever if this conservative shot is any indication.

Misa and Rin are about to hash out their very minor differences. Of course, they are interrupted by the idol girls and another familiar pairing making simultaneous appearances.

The weebs are back – this time as friends rather than competitors. Emily and Jennifer have some of the best bodies in this show, so it’s always a plus to have them around.

The four girls enter a cafe for service and get some in the form of a busty waitress who is thicc in all the right places.

Please be a recurring character

The idol twins strip to their underwear after a stage performance and presumably have sex with each other. The viewer is privy to none of this girl on girl action. Predictable, yet still an agonizing yuri tease.

Misa and Rin still have yet to resolve their differences. Rin works up the resolve to make up with her partner while brainstorming in the bathtub

Misa and Rin’s attempts to practice Jet Racing are rebuffed by the idol duo who overrule their scheduling. A bitch ass move. This doesn’t sit well with Team Kandagawa, resulting in the third racing challenge of the anime thus far.

I don’t remember the announcer with glasses packing so much heat. Hopefully she is given an increased role later in the season.

The race between the idols and our heroines commences for a short period, to be continued in full for episode six. The idols team name is “Hells Kitchen” for some reason. The dual pistol design is pretty cool.

Next Episode Preview:


Next episode will show the conclusion of Kandagawa vs Hells Kitchen and introduce the gal girls as competitors. It takes roughly half an episode for races to complete, so there should be enough room for both pairings to receive dedicated service in episode six. We should receive nudity for the idol girls according to the patterns of Jet Girls, but I’m skeptical that will happen due to their petite body types and the various underwear scenes that went no further than teasing. It’s more likely for the above gal girls to let loose. My hope is that their service scenes are in line with their personalities, which would mean Yuzu (on the left) proudly strutting her stuff and groping her bashful friend in the shower/bathtub. I may be creating fanfic here.

We are able to see Rin’s nipples clearly in this episode, even when underwater, whereas we could not for the American duo and Rin during the bathing scenes of episodes three and four. That needs to continue for every episode going forward since risque service is a predominant attraction to the show, and there are only a few seconds per episode that are dedicated to showing nudity. Gotta make them count.

The yuri bait in Jet Girls has seemingly gotten bolder everyweek and has now hit a critical mass with two girls having implied sex, or at the very least doing some unchristian stuff in their underwear. Maybe that’ll rub off on Misa/Rin and make them want to consummate their feelings towards each other? This may also be fanfic.

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