Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou manga fanservice compilation


*Now updated to include the 9th and final volume*

The only thing better than a reader submitted compilation is one that uses materials that don’t even exist currently on the internet!

This compilation covers the first six volumes, all of them tankobon source.  On sites like Jcafe you can get some of the recent chapters via manga scan and the first tankobon release, but currently only about a third of this manga is available online, at least as far as I could find.  And only one volume of it is tank source.

I don’t know if he scanned this himself, but whatever he did, he got the first six tankobon and made a compilation from it.  That is flippin’ awesome.

Edit:  You can now download all six volumes raw at excnn.


Axist here with an update. I got a request for the latest volumes, so here’s Volumes 7 & 8.


Wizard here.  Due to many fanservice images being missing from the original 6 volumes (reader submitted), I redid those volumes and updated both the photo gallery and the download link to be more current and complete.  The end result is an additional 335 (!) images being added and unlike before, these images are now sorted in accurate order.


Axist here with the final update. I’m sad to see such a great ecchi manga end, but at least it ends in a bang. Quite literally. It appears the MC finally bangs the main girl in the final chapter. None of that open ending with no girl winning bullshit or the couple holding hands on the final page.

Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou  (9 volumes, Complete)